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Food Waste and Carbon Footprints

We thought we’d heard it all until we read these: Cheese brine being used in Wisconsin for snow and ice management? Tomato skins being explored as car parts?! Elizabeth Matsangou of The New Economy explores the intersection of food waste and a low-carbon economy.

Following the Flow of Urban Organics

Upstream Emphasis: Setting the Table for Food Waste Diversion With society’s strong appetite for addressing the issue of food waste, this article focuses on defining the players in urban organic waste streams, and the drivers that lead to organic waste policies and practices. It assumes that all upstream efforts have been made to follow the […]

Four Tips for Fall Lawn Preparation

Everyone always thinks of the springtime as the best time to work outside. While the spring boasts lengthening daylight hours and invigorating fresh breezes, the fall actually provides an ideal time to enhance the soil and provide excellent conditions that will carry over into the following year. These four simple tips mostly focus on the […]

Beer Meets Bioretention Soil at the New Guinness Headquarters

  It’s a good day for bioretention soil at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House. What’s going on in Baltimore? It’s pouring.  It’s pouring beer – Guinness welcomed the community into its newly opened 62-acre, $90-million brewpub.  It’s pouring people: 1,000 guests entered within the first hour of business.  It’s pouring water: Baltimore gets […]

Fruit Flies Bugging You? Create a Quick Trap

Summer is a delicious season. With melons, berries, and fruits dripping with juicy goodness, it’s easy to have sweets – natural sweets – on the counter. Alas! Those yummy fruits also beckon the little buggers known as fruit flies. If you would like to banish fruit flies – in any season – but do not want […]

Make Your Bed!

Mothers (and fathers) around the world are known for saying, “Make your bed!” This time of year, we like to interpret that statement as a request to make a raised bed. Here’s an update on that topic with some support and inspiration.