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Beer Meets Bioretention Soil at the New Guinness Headquarters

  It’s a good day for bioretention soil at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House. What’s going on in Baltimore? It’s pouring.  It’s pouring beer – Guinness welcomed the community into its newly opened 62-acre, $90-million brewpub.  It’s pouring people: 1,000 guests entered within the first hour of business.  It’s pouring water: Baltimore gets […]

Fruit Flies Bugging You? Create a Quick Trap

Summer is a delicious season. With melons, berries, and fruits dripping with juicy goodness, it’s easy to have sweets – natural sweets – on the counter. Alas! Those yummy fruits also beckon the little buggers known as fruit flies. If you would like to banish fruit flies – in any season – but do not want […]

Interview with Burp Reynolds: Our Anaerobic Bacteria Mascot

Earlier this year Harvest Power sat down with Burp Reynolds, one of the anaerobic bacteria in our digester tanks in Orlando, Florida. The following is an excerpt of the transcript.  So Burp, what does a typical day look like for you? My motto is to go with the flow. I mostly hang out at the 6th trophic level with the […]

Listening to Your Landscape

Forsythia is an indicator plant on the gardening calendar. When Forsythia blooms, it stimulates many gardening activities: pruning, planting cool-season flowers, preparing gardens and finally, mulching of established garden beds. This year, in the Mid Atlantic and other parts of the country, the Forsythia went into a state of suspended animation, the continuation of cold and […]

May the Fourth Be With You… to Compost and Garden

Celebrating an excellent – and unexpected – cultural mash-up: Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) and International Compost Awareness Week (the first week of May) with these stormtroopers. Is the force with you this year? Check out all the memes of #maythe4thbewithyou and #compostweek. And of course this gem of organic produce:  


NationSwell, “Inside the Business of Turning Your Leftovers into 33 Million Bags of Mulch,” by Chris Peak Waste, energy and agriculture. These three massive topics will affect how our ecosystem fares in the future. Harvest Power, a company founded in 2008, is providing local solutions that intersect all three. And they start by changing one unlikely […]