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Beer Meets Bioretention Soil at the New Guinness Headquarters

It’s a good day for bioretention soil at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House. What’s going on in Baltimore? It’s pouring.  It’s pouring beer – Guinness welcomed the community into its newly opened 62-acre, $90-million brewpub.  It’s pouring people: 1,000 guests entered within the first hour of business.  It’s pouring water: Baltimore gets an […]

Fruit Flies Bugging You? Create a Quick Trap

Summer is a delicious season. With melons, berries, and fruits dripping with juicy goodness, it’s easy to have sweets – natural sweets – on the counter. Alas! Those yummy fruits also beckon the little buggers known as fruit flies. If you would like to banish fruit flies – in any season – but do not want […]

Listening to Your Landscape

Forsythia is an indicator plant on the gardening calendar. When Forsythia blooms, it stimulates many gardening activities: pruning, planting cool season flowers, preparing gardens and finally, mulching of established garden beds. This year, in the Mid Atlantic and other parts of the country, the Forsythia went into a state of suspended animation, the continuation of cold […]

Make Your Bed!

Mothers (and fathers) around the world are known for saying, “Make your bed!” This time of year, we like to interpret that statement as a request to make a raised bed. Here’s an update on that topic with some support and inspiration.   How should I make my raised bed? Check out “5 steps for […]

Stepping Up to the Plate

Food waste: it’s gross. And its potential to power cars and replenish soils is gorgeous. Since recycling food waste is such a hot topic, especially for readers of Bioenergy Insight, Harvest mapped out the drivers that shape how food waste flows through the system after it leaves your plate. Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:   Technologies: a quick […]