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Stepping Up to the Plate

Food waste: it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue and mind. Harvest’s contributed article in BioEnergy Insight focuses on urban organic food waste and the drivers that shape collection and processing. A taste: Since feedstocks have such a large influence on the rest of this proverbial and literal food chain, Harvest wanted to dive into characteristics that […]

How Do I Choose the Right Mulch for My Landscape?

Why add mulch? Mulch is a landscaper’s best friend because it: reduces weeds; improves moisture retention; maintains soil temperatures; and enhances the beauty of landscapes. Mulch is basically a magic carpet for your landscape. How do you choose the right mulch for your landscape? Using quality mulch in your garden is one of the easiest ways to […]

How and Why to Grow Peas

We love peas. Let us count the ways. 1. You can start early. If you’re itching to get into the garden, you can typically start peas in the ground up to 5-6 weeks before the last frost date.  They’ll germinate in 40-degree F soil, though slowly.  They’ll germinate more quickly in 50-to 60-degree F soil. […]

Recycling Christmas Trees, Educating About Fire Safety

Recycling and fire safety don’t often get combined into one event. Yet here are: On January 6th & 7th 2018, the Port Moody Firefighters Local 2399 held our 13th Annual Christmas Tree Chipping event at the Inlet Centre Fire Hall.  This was once again a successful year in which over $8,700 was raised for donation to the British Columbia Professional Firefighters Burn Fund.  […]

Mid Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS) – 2018

We had a great time this year connecting with partners and customers interested in our soils, mulches and specialty blends in the Mid-Atlantic market, as well as our premium Harvest Organics bagged products. Psss — Do you know?  Our soil and mulch display booth is made of all east coast woods.  Pretty groovy.   Thanks so much […]

How To Grow Your Own Clean Air

Wildfires. Mudslides. Frigid temperatures. Blazing heat. Whatever is keeping you indoors this season, it’s nice to know you can make your lungs happier by home-growing some clean air. Which Plants Should I Use to Grow Clean Air? All plants help: in general all green leafy plants produces O2, or oxygen. Lots of people are under the […]

The Circular Economy: Foodies and Natural Living Advocates Join the Conversation

Recyclers are typically known for driving the circular economy: e.g. putting things back to use instead of to the landfill. At Harvest, we’ve noticed a trend in the media signaling that foodies and health conscious folks are increasingly shaping the conversation. Here are four reasons why this might be happening. Targeting wasted food saves money […]