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How many cubic yards do you need? Use our handy coverage calculator to give an approximate volume to fill or cover a given area.

Length (ft.) * Answer in One Cubic Foot Bags
Width (ft.) * Answer in Two Cubic Foot Bags
Depth (in.) * Answer in Cubic Yards
Disclaimer: These are guideline calculations and may need to be adjusted due to compaction.

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Quick Conversions

One Cubic Yard equals 27 Cubic Feet
One Cubic Foot equals 7.481 Gallons
1.5 cu.ft. equals 11.22 gallons
2 cu.ft. equals 14.96 gallons

One Cubic Foot Should Fill Approximately

48-56 Four-Inch Pots
16-18 Six-Inch Pots
6-11 Eight-Inch Pots or Hanging Baskets
3 Twelve-Inch Pots or Hanging Baskets

About 3.5 cu.ft. of Mix…

…for One Half Wine Barrel

1 Cubic Yard of Compost Covers

Square FeetatDepth
324 sq. ft.at1″ depth
162 sq. ft.at2″ depth
108 sq. ft.at3″ depth
81 sq. ft.at4″ depth
65 sq. ft.at5″ depth
54 sq. ft.at6″ depth

Cubic Yds. Required to Cover 1,000 sq ft…

Layer (Inches)Greater ThanCubic Yards
1/4 inch layer0.75yd3
1/2 inch layer1.5yd3
1 inch layer3.0yd3
1 1/2 inch layer4.5yd3
2 inch layer6.0yd3
2 1/2 inch layer7.5yd3
3 inch layer9.0yd3

Cubic Yds. Required for Various Depths of Coverage…

Square Feet1/32″1/16″1/8″1/4″1″2″3″
43,560 (1 acre)4.228.4416.8833.76135270405

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