LEED Certification Credits


Our soil and mulch products are LEED-compliant options for projects within 500km of the Metro Vancouver area. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) grading system, headed up by the Green Building Council, has become the industry standard for assessing and defining “green” design and construction. Landscape-based decisions can earn your LEED project credits in 3 Landscape-related credit categories:

Our composted soil products are produced from recycled wood-waste, yard trimmings and food scraps collected from all over the lower mainland. We recycle and compost the materials and then return them to the same communities as nutrient-rich soil for gardens, farms and landscape projects.

Construction and Demolition

Our recycling processes qualify most construction and demolition projects for a credit under the Construction and Demolition Debris Management Planning section of LEED certification. We help keep materials local. We help divert materials from the landfill. We supply materials for reuse. Whether you’re outlining your solid waste management plan or trying to reach diversion goals, we can help you meet your LEED goals.

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