Mission and Values

Our Mission

To create a more sustainable future by helping communities better manage and beneficially re-use their organic waste.

Why We Help

We see opportunities to turn interlocking challenges into sustainable solutions. Our products and services have the potential to unlock numerous societal benefits.

Meet Recycling Targets. Organic materials should not be transported to distant landfills; they can be recycled locally into nutrient-rich soil products.

Lower Costs. We save communities money by offering services at a lower cost.

Increase Energy Independence. By producing biogas – which can be turned into electricity, renewable natural gas or vehicle fuel – we reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Revitalize Soil. Our top quality soils, mulches and natural fertilizers help the earth grow well, naturally.

How We Are Successful

We Build Community Relationships

We develop deep partnerships with the communities in which we operate in order to solve problems and support efforts to achieve sustainability in waste utilization, energy production and soil revitalization. We actively participate in our communities and serve as an expert resource for those that share our vision. Every one of our more than 450 employees is passionate about what we do and inspired by our collective mission to achieve a more sustainable future.

We Employ the Highest Standards of Process Excellence

We relentlessly focus on driving down costs and efficiently utilizing all of our resources through continuous improvement in every element of our business from fuel in our loaders to paper in our office printers. We conduct all our activities – from designing, building, and operating our facilities, to offering products and services – in ways that are safe and healthy for employees, neighbors, customers and the environment.

We Are One Harvest

We operate sites in communities across two countries and more than 15 different states and provinces. Our company aspires to consistently deliver on commitments to communities, regulators, customers, employees and all of our stakeholders across all of our sites, every day.

We Implement Bold Solutions in Strategic Geographic Clusters

We propose big solutions to big problems, and we are steadfast in our efforts to see them through. Our model provides elegant solutions to three distinct challenges: diverting material from landfills, producing renewable energy, and sustainably utilizing water and nutrients in agriculture and lawn & garden care. Harvest has pioneered this model in North America and built the continent’s largest commercial scale anaerobic digesters.

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