Renewable Energy

Kids Corner

Q: How Does Anaerobic Digestion Turn Pizza Crusts into Power?

A: Anaerobic Digestion is awesome! You put stuff, like a pizza crust, into a warm, airtight box. Then tiny bugs eat up the yummy things like the fats, sugars and breads. Then the bugs burp and fart! And if you capture those burps and farts — it’s biogas — you can use it for electricity, heat or fuel. It’s really cool.



Biogas is a renewable natural gas produced by anaerobic digestion. It can be used to fuel an engine generator for creating renewable electricity and heat, upgraded into a natural gas pipeline, or compressed into vehicle fuel (CNG).

The biogas produced at our Energy Garden in Richmond will be used to produce electricity and heat to power local homes and businesses.

Wood Fuel

Chipped wood – also known as hog fuel, which comes from the Norwegian word “hogge” meaning “hacked” – is used by local industrial customers as a source of fuel to displace coal and other fossil fuels. Our wood fuel products, which resemble this photo, meet the specifications of our customers.

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