We use a platform of advanced technologies to process materials. See below for descriptions of our processes and benefits to the community.

Anaerobic Digestion

We built an Energy Garden in Richmond, BC that uses anaerobic digestion technology to produce power from the region’s food scraps and yard debris. This project is the first commercial-scale high solids anaerobic digester (HSAD) facility in Canada. Harvest’s Energy Garden in Richmond is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 9,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent each year and produce 2 megawatts of energy; enough to power more than 900 lower mainland homes. The facility will start producing energy in mid-2012.


We specialize in a unique form of aerobic composting. Our unturned Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP) technology increases our operational efficiency and creates top quality compost. Unique features include reduced energy costs, higher throughput, year-round production, and high-quality, high-value compost. Our system has exceptional odour control performance resulting from rapid pile construction, continuous aeration, an organic cover, and a biofiltration system that captures exhaust air and treats it, removing odour before it is released to the atmosphere.

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Material Recovery

Each year we divert over 200,000 tonnes of reusable materials from landing in the landfill. Wood, metal, wire, cardboard and other materials get processed through a series of mechanical picking, shaking, sorting and chipping, and returned back to the region as valuable materials. In addition we produce Processed Engineered Fuel that replaces fossil fuels. Although they are a bit dated, here are a couple videos that help explain our processes, products and benefits to the community.

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