How Bulbs are Like Pop Up Meat Thermometers for Spring

There you are, strolling down a sidewalk or park path, when you happen to notice that things are pushing up at your feet. No, not dogs. Rather, little sprigs of green. They’re shooting up and making way for beautiful bulbs that “turn on” as natural bulbs tend to do: with blooms of beauty.

White, purple, yellow, red: the earliest bulbs to bloom – snowdrops and crocuses, and then daffodils and tulips – signal a turn of the season and gently usher us into longer days of sunshine.

Like the “pop” of a meat thermometer signaling the readiness of a cooked bird, the “pop” of bulbs signal warmer soil temperatures. When cooking meat, you open the oven and get greeted with a blast of warm air. When admiring bulbs, one nods at the splash of color, turns towards the sky and says, “Welcome, spring. Warmer temperatures, here we come.”

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What is your signal that springtime is here?

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  1. Rocky
    Rocky says:

    They’re finally starting to pop around my neighborhood in Northern California. It’s been a gloomy winter, but I do believe today being the first day of Spring that I’ll be seeing some bulbs letting me see the inside and their full beauty. There’s something about the bulb flowers popping that springs my enthusiasm back to life!


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