Harvest Garden Pro

Harvest Garden Pro

Visit site: www.harvestpower.com/gardenpro Harvest Garden Pro manufactures and ships bagged and bulk compost based soil and mulch products out of a network of plants throughout the Mid Atlantic, Midwest and the Northeast. These facilities allow us to efficiently deliver our products on time. We are committed to the production of superior soil and mulch products for both residential and commercial use. To that end, all of our products are rigorously tested and retested at our own research facility. Harvest Power - British Columbia

Harvest Power – British Columbia

Visit site: www.harvestpower.com/bc

Organics Processing

Harvest owns and operates one of the largest permitted food scrap and yard debris composting facilities in North America, formerly known as Fraser Richmond Soil & Fibre, located in Richmond, BC near Vancouver, Canada. We use proprietary Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP) composting and odor control technologies with specially designed biofilters to produce hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of high-value compost-based products annually. Harvest also demonstrates a new and better way for communities to manage organic materials by “empowering” it through the Superpowered™ production of renewable energy at our Richmond site. High Solids Anaerobic Digestion (HSAD) has never been done in Canada on a commercial scale – this facility is at the leading edge of harnessing energy from municipal food scraps and yard debris. Harvest commissioned the first phase, with Superpowered™ capacity to process 40,000 tons of organic waste materials per year, in 2013. By using anaerobic digestion combined with our composting operations, we are ushering in the next generation of organic management.
Urban Woodwaste Recyclers

Wood Recycling

Harvest is also the Metro Vancouver region’s largest recycler of construction, demolition and renovation waste at our facilities formerly known as Urban Woodwaste Recycling. Achieving the highest levels of landfill diversion in the region, our sites maintain a standard of excellence unparalleled in Metro Vancouver. With an eye to the future sustainability of our region our sites are leading the way in creating alternative fuels from locally sourced materials. We work closely with the haulers in the region and offer a full range of services to manage construction and demolition waste. Tulare County Compost and Biomass Inc.

Harvest Power – California


Visit site: http://harvestpower.com/ca/tulare/ Our Tulare site is located in the fertile southern San Joaquin valley of Tulare County, California. Tulare County is the second-leading producer of agriculture commodities in the United States, and home of the World Agriculture Exposition. TCCBI supplies the region’s robust agricultural community with compost, assorted mulch products, and custom blending to meet customer specifications.
Fresno Green Materials Receiving Center

Fresno Office

Visit site: http://harvestpower.com/ca/fresno/ Driving down Hwy 99 through the Central Valley of California you’ll see our sign popping out just north of Fresno. Conveniently located for regional landscapers, the Harvest Fresno office serves our locations in Tulare and Lathrop. We can arrange deliveries upon request.
Lathrop Facility


Visit site: http://harvestpower.com/ca/lathrop/ We are proud to offer organics recycling services from our site in Lathrop, CA. Serving the Valley with processing and top quality compost products, we sell loads from our site, create custom blends, and can arrange deliveries upon request.

Harvest Energy Garden – London, ON

Visit site: www.harvestpower.com/on The Harvest Energy Garden in London Ontario is designed to turn organic materials into Superpowered™ clean, renewable energy and natural fertilizers. The site, formerly known as StormFisher Biogas, works with agriculture and food processing businesses to convert discarded local organic materials into renewable electricity and organic and natural fertilizers for wholesale markets. Take a 360-degree tour from the top of the tanks! Harvest New England

Harvest New England

Visit site: www.harvestpower.com/ne/

Since 1992, Harvest New England (formerly known as GreenCycle) has diverted leaves, wood, brush and other organics from landfills and incinerators, where they’d be of no benefit and create harmful gas emissions. Instead, we use natural composting processes to turn this “waste” into high-quality landscaping products that actually benefit the environment. Our mulches spiff up landscapes. Our compost gives local gardens a nutritious boost. Use our topsoil to improve your lawn and make the neighbors green with envy. You’ll be returning valuable nutrients to the ecosystem, enriching it. Harvest New England shrinks carbon footprints with every step, beautifully. The Connecticut locations joined the Harvest family of operations in 2012.

Harvest Orlando

Harvest Power Orlando

Visit site: www.harvestpower.com/florida

Perhaps one of the most innovative anaerobic digestion projects of its kind in North America, this facility provides Superpowered™ waste management through its specially engineered design to co-digest biosolids with food wastes from local resorts, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, sports arenas, golf courses and the food processing community.  The capacity is 130,000 tons per year with 5.4MW combined heat-and-power output.

Harvest Power – Mid-Atlantic

(Also known as Recycled Green Industries)

Visit site: www.recycledgreenindustries.com

We are dedicated to recycling organic material and debris and supplying custom-engineered soil blends. We are owned and operated by professionals with experience in strategic industries ranging from landscape contracting to waste management. As the end-to-end source for green waste management and organic supply, we’ve completed hundreds of projects in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.


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