May the Fourth Be With You… to Compost and Garden

Celebrating an excellent – and unexpected – cultural mash-up: Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) and International Compost Awareness Week (the first week of May) with these stormtroopers.

May the Fourth to Compost be With YouIs the force with you this year?

May the Fourth Be With You To GardenCheck out all the memes of #maythe4thbewithyou and #compostweek. And of course this gem of organic produce:


Harvest Named to Global Cleantech 100 for Sixth Year in a Row!

2015_GlobalCleantech100_eBadge_Top100_071415This week Harvest is abuzz at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco.  On Monday night, Harvest was named to the 2015 Cleantech 100; This is the sixth year in a row that Harvest Power has been recognized by the Cleantech Group for its contributions to the cleantech community.

We are honored. See the entire list of 100 companies.

Could your child’s uneaten broccoli help provide electricity?

fortuneHow Harvest Power is transforming food waste into a power source.

HIGHLIGHTS: “The site is far enough from the likes of Splash Mountain and the Cinderella Castle to keep the aroma of rotting lettuce and onions from disrupting the magic of the Magic Kingdom,” and “What we eat – or rather don’t eat – is the next frontier of recycling, and Harvest is in a unique position to capitalize.”  Read the full article.

How Do I Compost at Home?

Learn how to CompostCompost. We live and breathe it every day – sometimes taste it, too!  But lots of folks are curious how to compost in their backyard or apartment. We came across this excellent “Learn How To Compost: Composting Basics for Beginners” guide from sodgod and wanted to share.  Happy composting!

Food Waste Ban Gets Teeth in Metro Vancouver Region

Your Food Isn't Garbage: Time to obey the food waste ban in BCThis July 1, 2015 marks the date when the food waste ban in the Metro Vancouver region of BC has some teeth.  If you live in the lower mainland, be sure to sort those scraps this Canada Day (and beyond)!

For news and support, check out:

For residents looking for easy tips for sorting scraps, check out our “3 Tips for Successful Sorting” video – easy peasy.



3 Food Scrap Updates: Metro Vancouver Region of BC

First, at the beginning of 2015, Metro Vancouver introduced an organics disposal ban, described by Chair Greg Moore in the video below. Starting on July 1, financial enforcement begins: waste loads with more than 25% visible food will be surcharged.  Learn more about food scraps diversion in the Metro Vancouver region.

Second, SHIFT recently launched a video, “Trash Talk Documentary” exploring how different businesses in the Metro Vancouver region – including Harvest Power – process organic waste as part of a circular economy.

After collecting their waste (ahem, on their balcony; that’s dedication) for 30 days they found that organics represented a drastic majority of their waste – 60%! – compared to the other material categories of garbage, plastic, and paper.

Lamb Lovers Hate Waste - Love Food Hate WasteFinally, feeling like reducing your food waste at the front end? Like before it reaches the bin for disposal/recycling? Check out the “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign for Canada, modeled after WRAP’s wildly successful program in England.

The Food Waste Frontier: Harvest Power Turns Juice into Juice

earth911Earth911, “The Food Waste Frontier: Harvest Power Turns Juice into Juice,” by Madeleine Somerville

I’m no stranger to green living and sometimes it feels like I’ve seen it all. I wrote a book chock full of recipes for things like Eco-friendly toothpaste and laundry detergent, I’ve interviewed green-trepreneurs, and I’ve reported on everything from sustainable schools to winter biking. But this story is without a doubt one of the coolest environmentally friendly initiatives I have ever seen.

How to solve the food waste problem

Maclean'sMaclean’s, “How to solve the food waste problem,” by Cinda Chavich:

Billions of dollars worth of good food is thrown away each year. Now some businesses and cities are saying no.