Shoo Fly! A simple solution to keep flies away

Do flies buzz around your space? Do they try to get into your home? Do they circulate, endlessly, in your back (or front) patio?

We saw a neat trick we’d like to share: just hang a zip lock bag with water and a penny in an entryway. Apparently flies don’t like the refraction and reflection of the water-plus-penny and will stay away. Restaurants use this trick on their outside dining areas all the time; why shouldn’t you? If you’re trying to keep flies out of a large area, pin in a few bags throughout the lineup for a more effective barrier.

Need a trick to keep flies away? Try a bag of water plus a penny.

What’s your experience keeping bugs at bay – what works and what doesn’t?

NASA Studies Soil Moisture from Space

Even NASA studies soil.

The Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) observatory – pictured here in California – will measure soil moisture around the world. “The data will be used to enhance scientists’ understanding of the processes that link Earth’s water, energy and carbon cycles.”