We wanted to shine a spotlight on a few of our recent community service activities in New England.

Soggily Supporting Earth Day

On a soggy April day, our corporate office team helped spread compost and plant seeds at a local farm in Waltham, Massachusetts. Fun (and wet socks) was had by all.

Donating Compost, Changing Lives

Our customer service team at Harvest New England always goes the extra mile when it comes to delivering great products. More than that, we want the world to be a better place. Check out some of these awesome, local non-profits that we’ve supported for many years.

Herbs of Vision

A self-described “start-up social enterprise” called Herbs of Vision reached out for compost. Here’s what happened next, as described by Sharon in Harvest’s customer department:

“In January, I received a phone call for a compost order. When I discovered the compost was going to an Alternative School in Hartford, I offered it as a  donation. Yovel Badash explained who the students were and how they ended up at the program. This program is basically the very last option for these kids, the choices are slim, jail or there. Long story short, I decided to continue the relationship and basically offered the manpower and resources to help them expand the gardens. This year they will add outdoor gardens to grow the vegetables. We met with them, toured the school, spoke with the Principal and will send a donation next week. The students will be responsible for all the planning, layout, and all the hard work that goes in to creating them.”

Learn more about this neat Herbs of Vision program through Hartford Schools or through the Herbs of Vision Kickstarter campaign.

Growing Great Schools

This program – Growing Great Schools – is operated in West Hartford, Connecticut, and provides cooking classes for ages 5-11 that connect food, heath and the environment. Harvest New England has delivered soil to them for the last 10+ years, before they were even a non-profit.

New Britain Roots

Yet another awesome program, New Britain Roots makes healthy food accessible and affordable to low-income neighbors. Harvest New England has been donating soil for about 4 years, watching them grow and have an even greater impact in the community through partnerships with Connecticut farmers, food artisans and healthy food advocates.

Auer Farm

We were honored to provide Auer Farm with soil. They have a 4-H Education Center that connects people, agriculture, and the environment through education and recreation. Our relationship with their team goes back 18+ years. Our customer service team reports:

“They love our product and customer service so much that we were asked to supply the Hartford Court House with compost. They had the inmates build garden beds to grow food and donated it to the shelters.”

Haddam Garden Club

Local garden clubs such as the Haddam Garden Club benefit from our top quality soil products as well. Just in from a leader of a group:

“Well, we dodged the rain today while the Haddam Garden Club did our civic garden projects.  The compost you donated was a big hit – everyone commented how wonderful it was to work with! We probably used ¾ of the pile so far, and there are still a few small gardens to do. I helped out at the Library gardens where we expanded the butterfly garden, and amended the front garden; and also at the transfer station where we are gradually filling in the “island” with plantings.  I’ve enclosed a few photos of our work parties at these two locations.  There were many others working at the rest of the gardens around town…I just couldn’t get to all of them.” ~KC

It is so wonderful to hear the stories of how our soil improves spaces, and provides smiles!

Annie Fisher Montessori

The six-and-a-half acre campus at Annie Fisher Montessori in the northwest part of Hartford Connecticut provides fertile ground for students. It’s another excellent school program that keeps growing.

Seeds of Change

We’re a partner with Seeds of Change, a “seed to plate” organic company.

Raising the (Legal) Bar

Some of our community service comes in a different flavor than soils and mulches and recycling. For example, the Massachusetts Bar Association recently honored our Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Christopher Mirick, for his pro bono work with underserved communities seeking due wages and proper housing. We are so proud of you, Chris. Keep up the great work in and out of the office!