Who We Are

Our Founding Vision: Create a more sustainable future by helping communities meet challenges at the intersection of waste, agriculture and energy in the 21st century


Our Story


The Dawn of an Organic Revolution: Harvest Power is founded by Paul Sellew with the vision of helping communities meet challenges at the intersection of waste, agriculture and energy in the 21st century.


An Inconvenient Truth: More than 33 million tons of organic waste gets sent to landfills in North America each year. There is a better way. Vice President Al Gore supports the vision of putting organic waste to a higher and better use.


Gaining Momentum: Harvest Power’s vision to build a high-solids anaerobic digester to turn the Metro Vancouver region’s food scraps and yard trimmings into clean energy and compost becomes a reality with support from Natural Resources Canada (NR-Can). Pictured here: Wayne Davis, Harvest Power VP of Governmental Affairs and Co-Founder; Honourable Christian Paradis, NR-Can Minister of Natural Resources; and Paul Sellew, Harvest Power Founder. Awards include “Top 50 Private Company” by Always On, “Emerging company of the Year” by the New England Clean Energy Council, and “Global Cleantech 100” by the Cleantech Group.


Ripe Conditions in California: Harvest Power expands its footprint to California, a key future market in a state eager to meet recycling targets, produce clean energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainably revitalize the soil for its crops and landscapes. Awards include the “New England Innovation Award” by Smaller Business Association of New England, “Growth Capital Investment Opportunity Award” by Frost and Sullivan, and “Global Cleantech 100” by the CleanTech Group for the second year in a row.


Powering Plants: In addition to building and operating high-tech anaerobic digesters, Harvest Power expands into the consumer products industry in order to provide millions of bags of quality mulches, soils and natural fertilizers to thousands of store shelves across North America. This year we also begin to offer bulk mulch and soil products in New England. Awards include the “Infrastructure 100 World Cities Edition” by KPMG, the “Global Cleantech 100” and “Continued Excellence” recognition by the Cleantech Group, and “Breakout Company of the Year” by New England Clean Energy Council.


Green Footprints: This year marks many milestones. We host a grand opening launching North America’s largest commercial scale high solids anaerobic digester at our energy garden in British Columbia, and open the doors to low solids anaerobic digesters in Orlando, Florida and London, Ontario. We also expand our mulch and soil offerings through the Mid Atlantic with sophisticated engineered soil blends. Awards include the “Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers” by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, “Award for Engineering Excellence” by British Columbia’s Association of Consulting Engineering Companies, “Top 15 Projects” by Canada’s Clean 50, and the “Global Cleantech 100” by the Cleantech Group (4th year in a row!).


Ushering in the Next Generation: Kathleen Ligocki takes the reins as CEO of Harvest Power, Inc. It’s a banner year: We celebrate the grand opening of our award-winning energy garden in Central Florida, a facility that – behind the scenes – anaerobically digests the organic waste from theme parks, restaurants and hospitality industries catering to the 50+ million area visitors visit each year. In the Metro Vancouver region we continue to process >200,000 tons of wood recycling per year for the construction industry. Icing on the cake: Awards include getting named in the “50 Most Innovative Companies in the World” by Fast Company and winning the “Global Cleantech 100” by the Cleantech Group for the fifth year in a row.


The Food Waste Frontier: Harvest Power’s services and products continue to serve at society’s nexus of demands to cut carbon pollution, deploy clean energy technology, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect natural resources. Organic waste diversion policies gain momentum with food waste bans in California, New York City, Vancouver, Ontario, Seattle, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts and beyond. In addition, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization declares 2015 the “Year of Soils.” Onwards to a more sustainable future!

Adding Value At Every Turn

Harvest Power’s goal is to be the market leader for North America’s 500M+ tons/year of organic materials by providing communities with tailored solutions. We harness additional value from organic materials through the production of renewable energy, soils, mulches, and natural fertilizers. Our values include:

  • INNOVATION. We operate three of North America’s largest commercial anaerobic digestion facilities and have won awards for exceptional performance.
  • ACCESS. We are one of the top three organics consumer products companies in North America, providing bagged and bulk products millions of backyards.
  • EFFICIENCY. We are the largest processor of yard waste and food waste in North America, managing ~1.8 million tons of organic materials each year.
  • TEAMWORK. We operate and partner with 25+ processing facilities and have more than 450 employees.
  • EXCELLENCE. Harvest’s current investors include True North Venture Partners, Industry Ventures, Generation IM, DAG Ventures and Piper Jaffray.

Changing the World


We envision a more sustainable planet. We envision a world where valuable resources are harvested rather than wasted. Where communities live in balance with nature. Where companies are key agents of change for the better. Where we work together to make smarter choices.


We build community relationships: We develop deep partnerships with the communities in which we operate in order to solve problems and support efforts to achieve sustainability in waste utilization, energy production and soil revitalization. We actively participate in our communities and serve as an expert resource for those that share our vision. Every one of our employees is passionate about what we do and inspired by our collective mission to achieve a more sustainable future.

We employ the highest standards of process excellence: We relentlessly focus on driving down costs and efficiently utilizing all of our resources through continuous improvement in every element of our business from fuel in our loaders to paper in our office printers. We conduct all our activities – from designing, building, and operating our facilities, to offering products and services – in ways that are safe and healthy for employees, neighbors, customers and the environment.

We implement bold solutions in strategic geographic clusters: We propose big solutions to big problems, and we are steadfast in our efforts to see them through. Our model provides elegant solutions to three distinct challenges: diverting material from landfills, producing renewable energy, and sustainably utilizing water and nutrients in agriculture and lawn & garden care. Harvest has pioneered this model in North America and built the continent’s largest commercial scale anaerobic digesters.