I want to garden. How do I get started?

Oh boy.  The list here is practically endless.

First off, try approaching gardeners in your neighborhood.  They’ll probably be open to sharing what works best for them. You’ll simultaneously get information tailored to your climate AND build community.

Next, see if there’s a “Master Gardeners” group by the American Horticultural Society in your town.  That’s another great way to make connections and get ideas.

Finally, if you want to peruse some pages, we quite like these resources:

I hear supporting my soil is important. Where should I turn?

First, have a laugh with these 3 quick (<1 min) clips, where lawn ornaments go to jail and buff and leafy trees liken compost to a nutrition shake.
Then, dig in a little deeper:

  • Kellogg, C. “Our Garden Soils” (book, 1952) – Resource by the same author of The Soils That Support Us.
  • Let’s Talk About Soil, (video 5:21) IASS Vimeo Channel,  Great summary of our soil and its role on our planet.
  • The Healthy Soils Initiative (website) California Department of Food and Agriculture discussion on crop growth and food production.

I want to compost in my backyard or apartment. What are simple resources?

Try these:

Food waste seems fascinating. Where should I turn for more info?

Food waste is indeed the next frontier in recycling that’s gaining momentum with every morsel diverted from the landfill.  Here are a few resources:

If you want to learn more about food waste policy, try these:

I want to get involved in the organics management industry. Which organizations should I consider?

  • American Biogas Council Join them. Sign up for their informative webinars. ABC is go-to resource for all projects and policies related to biogas.
  • BioCycle: Subscribe to their magazine. Attend their conferences. They provide all you need to know about composting, renewable energy and organics recycling.
  • Canada Composting Council (CCC) All things compost-related for Canada.
  • US Composting Council (USCC) All things compost-related for the United State.
  • Soil and Mulch Council The trade association for processors of horticultural mulches, consumer potting soils and commercial growing media in North America.

What would you suggest for the overall topic of garbage?

We tip our hat (and bin) towards these resources:

Can you point me to resources specific to anaerobic digestion?

You bet. Anaerobic digestion is central to our – ahem – culture.  Try these:

What about policy around biogas?

Try these:

  • Biogas Opportunities Roadmap (FACTSHEET, News Release; USDA, DOE, and EPA) The summary: the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap builds on progress made to date to identify voluntary actions that can be taken to reduce methane emissions through the use of biogas systems and outlines strategies to overcome barriers limiting further expansion and development of a robust biogas industry in the United States.
  • Biogas Opportunities Roadmap (PDF)
  • Biogas in the United States (pdf report, Feb 2014): An Assessment of Market Potential in a Carbon-Constrained Future, by Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University, Brian C. Murray, Christopher S. Galik, and Tibor Vegh,
  • California Biomass Facilities Reporting System (website) A statewide collaboration to enhance the sustainable management and development of biomass in California.
  • California Energy Commission (website) California’s energy policy and planning agency.

What about clean, renewable energy, or sustainability in general?

We quite like these resources on renewable energy:

For sustainability, start here:

  • Braungart, M., McDonough, W. Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things (book – 2002) Braungart and McDonough’s environmental manifesto that reinvents how we think about material flow and resources.
  • Grist (website): Witty, wise, and sometimes wacky views on the green world.
  • Guide to Greening Cities (book, and companion website) by Sadhu Aufochs Johnston (Deputy City Manager, City of Vancouver), Steven S. Nicholas (Vice President, Institute for Sustainable Communities), and Julia Parzen (Coordinator, Urban Sustainability Directors Network).

What about urban agriculture?

More to come on this important topic. For now, try:

Can I listen to some podcasts with Harvest Power?

Sure! Tune in:

  • WGBH, Boston Public Radio (podcast 14:10) “Food Waste with Corby Kummer,” Corby Kummer, Senior Editor at The Atlantic and renowned food critic catches up with hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan.
  • Nature of Business (podcast 27:42) “Interview with Paul Sellew,” Chrissy Coughlin catches up with Harvest Power 4/2012.
  • CBS Boston, WBZ (podcast 1:12) “Interview with Paul Sellew on Massachusetts’ New Clean Energy Results Program,” New England Business with Anthony Silva discuss new regulations around food waste, 11/2011.
  • Radio Green Talk (podcast 48:57) “Interview with Paul Sellew,” Diana Dehm and Chrissy Coughlin learn more about Harvest Power, 5/2011.
  • Radio Disney (podcast 7:36) “Backyard Composting” Creative dialogue explains how breakfast scraps can be turned into power and soil.

Where can I learn more about Harvest’s anaerobic digesters, or energy gardens?

Try here:

Or watch a few videos from Orlando, Florida.

The following two 2014 documents are provided by Harvest Power and Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Energy Fund:

Harvest Handouts

Interested in learning about anaerobic digestion? Curious about composting? Check out our Harvest brochures for more information.

Harvest Landscape Calculator
Harvest Landscape Calculator

Download the Harvest Landscape Calculator for your next garden project!

Harvest’s Energy Garden in Central Florida
Harvest’s Energy Garden in Central Florida

This project uses low solids anaerobic digestion to turn organic waste from local businesses into clean energy and natural fertilizers.

Harvest’s Energy Garden in London, Ontario
Harvest’s Energy Garden in London, Ontario

Learn how low solids anaerobic digestion (LSAD) turns organic waste into clean energy and natural fertilizers.

Harvest’s Energy Garden & Composting Facility
Harvest’s Energy Garden & Composting Facility

Learn how organic materials get turned into clean energy and compost through HSAD technology and composting.

Harvest Power Brochure
Harvest Power Brochure

Learn how we help communities create a more sustainable future.

Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion
Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion

Harvest uses proven technologies to create biogas, compost, & natural fertilizers. This brochure has sample energy gardens, benefits, & more.

Covered Aerated Static Pile Composting
Covered Aerated Static Pile Composting

Harvest composts organic waste to recycle nutrients and organic matter for maintaining healthy soils and to divert waste from landfills.

Harvest Logos
Harvest Logos

High resolution Harvest Power logos are available for download as a .zip folder by clicking the logo to the left or the title above.

How Much Soil Do I Need?
How Much Soil Do I Need?

This useful table will help you figure out how much soil or mulch product you need for your next special project.

Food Scraps Recycling
Food Scraps and Compost Poster

This helpful graphic illustrating which food scraps are great for enriched compost

Single Stream Recycling
Single Stream Recycling Poster

This helpful graphic illustrating which single stream recycling items are accepted for most recycling programs

Landfill Poster
Landfill/Garbage Poster

This helpful graphic illustrating which trash belongs in the garbage bin and is not ineligible for recycling

Throw in the Know Poster
Throw in the Know Poster

This helpful graphic illustrating a complete source separated recycling program with organic recycling, single stream recycling and garbage for the landfill

Richmond BC One Sheeter
Harvest Richmond, BC Handout

All the information you need about our Richmond, BC facility printed on one sheet of paper

London, ON One Sheeter
Harvest London, ON Handout

All the information you need about our London, ON facility printed on one sheet of paper

Orlando, FL One Sheeter
Harvest Orlando, FL Handout

All the information you need about our Orlando, FL facility printed on one sheet of paper

Harvest Consumer Products Handout
Harvest Consumer Products Handout

From mulch, soil to sand and stone, Harvest Consumer Products has you covered for all of your gardening needs

Harvest Source Separated Handout
Harvest Source Separated Organics Handout

Discover the impacts of what Source Separated Organics can provide for a cleaner 21st century

Harvest  Handout
Harvest Handout

Discover everything about Harvest including Source Separated Organics, Renewable Energy and Mulch and Soil Products