Harvest Named to Global Cleantech 100 for Sixth Year in a Row!

This week Harvest is abuzz at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco.  On Monday night, Harvest was named to the 2015 Cleantech 100; This is the sixth year in a row that Harvest Power has been recognized by the Cleantech Group for its contributions to the cleantech community. We are honored. See the entire list of 100 […]

Could your child’s uneaten broccoli help provide electricity?

How Harvest Power is transforming food waste into a power source. HIGHLIGHTS: “The site is far enough from the likes of Splash Mountain and the Cinderella Castle to keep the aroma of rotting lettuce and onions from disrupting the magic of the Magic Kingdom,” and “What we eat – or rather don’t eat – is […]


The Food Waste Frontier: Harvest Power Turns Juice into Juice

Earth911, “The Food Waste Frontier: Harvest Power Turns Juice into Juice,” by Madeleine Somerville I’m no stranger to green living and sometimes it feels like I’ve seen it all. I wrote a book chock full of recipes for things like Eco-friendly toothpaste and laundry detergent, I’ve interviewed green-trepreneurs, and I’ve reported on everything from sustainable […]


NationSwell, “Inside the Business of Turning Your Leftovers into 33 Million Bags of Mulch,” by Chris Peak Waste, energy and agriculture. These three massive topics will affect how our ecosystem fares in the future. Harvest Power, a company founded in 2008, is providing local solutions that intersect all three. And they start by changing one unlikely […]


CapeNews, “No Smell, No Noise, No Worry – Visit to Harvest Power Plant in Florida Allays Concerns,” by Michael J. Rausch. A proposed new trash-to-gas-to-electricity facility proposed to be built and operated at a section of the Bourne landfill should not pose any odor or noise pollution problems to the town. That was the upshot […]

Clean Technica

Clean Technica, “Harvest Power Rebuilds Topsoil and Produces Energy with the Process,” by Glenn Meyers The people from Harvest Power believe solutions to our planet’s energy and pollution problems must be addressed first at a grass roots level, “where people and organizations can work together in a climate of mutual responsibility and trust.”

Tossed Out

Tossed Out: A Special Report on Food Waste in America, by Harvest Public Media (no relation of Harvest Power, Inc). Part of the report includes an in-home look at one family in Iowa’s strategies for food waste reduction. Farmers and growers have made gigantic advancements in food production over the last century, ensuring more food […]

Disney World’s biogas facility: a model for converting food waste into energy

Guardian Sustainable Business, “Disney World’s biogas facility: a model for converting food waste into energy,” by Marc Gunther   “The circular economy at Disney World may not be as pretty as Cinderella’s Castle, but this process for turning organic waste into energy, which is known as anaerobic digestion, could turn out to be the best way to extract […]

Metro Vancouver hopes to boost compost rates with new ad campaign

  Business in Vancouver, “Metro Vancouver hopes to boost compost rates with new ad campaign.”   Metro Vancouver is hoping an adorable mascot made out of pasta leftovers will convince residents that “food isn’t garbage.” … Banning organic material from the landfill will reduce methane gas, a contributor to global warming, according to Metro Vancouver. […]

Harvest Garden Pro Locating in Iredell County, NC

JD News, “Harvest Power Division Headquarters Locating in Iredell County,” Governor McCrory’s Press Office Governor Pat McCrory and N.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announced today that Harvest Garden Pro, LLC a division of Harvest Power, Inc. is planning to locate its division headquarters in Iredell County, creating 33 jobs and investing approximately $120,000 over the […]

Can B Corp Certification Help You Raise Capital?

  Triple Pundit, “Can B Corp Certification Help You Raise Capital?” by Ryan Honeyman   While researching and writing “The B Corp Handbook,” I found that B Corp certification can help you attract: mission-driven or impact investors who consider social, environmental and financial criteria in their investment decisions; mainstream investors who are primarily interested in strong financial returns; […]

$42 Billion for Smarter Waste Management

Forbes, “$42 Billion for Smarter Waste Management,” by Heather Clancy   With the volume of municipal solid waste (MSW) projected to reach 2.2 billion tons by 2023 (compared with 1.5 billion tons this year), communities and businesses are reconsidering disposal strategies with an eye toward minimizing consumption and getting smarter about recovery. That movement will […]

Massachusetts’ New Composting Rules: What They Really Mean

Boston Globe Magazine: Massachusetts’ New Composting Rules: What They Really Mean, by Chris Burdik   As of Oct. 1,Massachusetts has banned any establishment that creates a ton or more of food waste per week from sending as much as a carrot peel to the state’s rapidly dwindling available landfills. Despite a recycling rate topping 40 percent, […]

Balancing Digester Diets

Biomass Magazine, “Balancing Digester Diets” by Kate Fletcher   About twice the size of JC-Biomethane is Harvest Power’s 50,000-ton food waste community digester near Orlando, Florida. Some waste from Disney World is brought to the facility, including the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott hotels at Grande Lakes Orlando. … After contaminant removal in Harvest Power Florida’s […]

Behold, the Power of Harvest Power Compost!

Blue Earth Compost, “Behold, the Power of Harvest Power Compost!”   This past weekend, Alex, (Owner & Director of Operations extraordinaire), cultivated some beautiful garlic and onions in his home garden using…the power of Harvest Power New England‘s compost! The very same compost created by our household an business subscribers. It is so wonderful (and delicious) to […]

A Food Waste Reduction Movement Gathers Steam

Techonomy, “A food Waste Reduction Movement Gathers Steam,” by Leslie Pascaud.   The good news is that both corporations and consumers now have access to a growing number of initiatives making it easier to avoid waste—solutions that go from farm to store to fridge, and all the way through to trash. A few examples: Trash […]

Could food waste power our cities

ZDNet, “Could food waste power our cities?”  by Julie Mehta   In two giant airtight vats at Harvest Power’s Energy Garden in central Florida, quadrillions of microorganisms are feasting on orange peels, wilted lettuce, burnt bread crusts, and other food discarded by humans. In less than a month, these ravenous creatures consume waste that would […]

Harvest Power Unveils Cutting Edge Central Florida Organics To Energy Facility

    Orlando Sentinel, “Plant turns Disney food scraps into electricity,” by Kevin Spear. Plus article in print. WFTV News 9, “New facility turns food waste into clean energy,” by Deneige Broom Orlando Business Journal, “Disney: A place where food scraps are turned into electricity,” by Matthew Richardson     Waste Management World, “Disney to […]

Harvest Energy Garden – Richmond, BC – GRAND OPENING

We had an excellent day celebrating the partnerships that make the Energy Garden in Richmond BC possible. Slideshow: Speakers: Paul Sellew, founder and CEO Harvest Power Honourable Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Canada’s Minister of National Revenue Michael Weedon, CEO BC Bioenergy Network Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Mayor of the City of Richmond and Chair of Metro’s Zero Waste […]