Harvest Power & Clean Energy

Innovation, as Featured by CNN Money

Get the inside scoop from CNN Money on how Harvest Power is helping theme parks, restaurants, hotels and service industries in central Florida turn organic waste into resources. Says Harvest Power CEO Kathleen Ligocki, “The idea is to get rid of waste… and really close the organic loop.” Watch now.

Harvest Power in Orlando, Florida

Learn more about how Harvest Power is using anaerobic digestion to turn organic waste from the 50+ million visitors to central Florida each year into clean energy and natural fertilizers. Fly over the site! Watch FOX news. Tune into the Orlando Sentinal. Bon appétit.

Harvest Power in Vancouver, British Columbia

British Columbia: legendary for its emerald buildings, stunning landscapes and commitment to a great economy. The Metro Vancouver region, with its 2.3 million residents, is committed to diverting organic waste from the landfill and putting it to its highest and best use. Harvest Power serves the community with its anaerobic digester and composting facility.

Food Waste Diversion

Food waste diversion can be easy peasy! Check out our 3 Tips for Sorting Scraps in the Home, plus more.

Community Engagement with Harvest Power’s Cube of Food and Compost

How does a company inspire a community about how its plate scrapings are turned into clean power and soil for the future? Try dressing up in pea-, carrot-, steak-, and corn- costumes and visiting local municipalities, farmers markets, and public venues with free bags of compost! We also created a “close the loop” dance. It’s…. corny… but effective!

Soil & Mulch Inspiration

Soil & Mulch Humor

Thank you very mulch for thinking that these videos are funny! We do too. Tune in and meet a buff tree, a gnome, some garden ornaments that broke out of jail, and compost from carrots bringing a “bunch” of good things to the garden.

Mulches from Harvest New England

Harvest New England offers mulch in all kinds of flavors: Pine Blend, Midnight Black, GreenPeet, Fine Grind, Eco Mulch, Canadian Cedar, Brick Red, Pine Blend, Ultra Brown, and more. Tune in and get inspired to spread some mulch magic!

Pansies with Sta-Green Potting Mix

Pansies are North America’s most popular flower. Learn how to plant and care for perfect pansies with Sta-Green Potting Mix, available at Lowe’s.

Harvest Superpowered: Line of Organic Soil Amendments

Harvest Superpowered™ offers a range of superior soil products. This product line is exclusive to Lowe’s.

Organic Connections

As North America redefines its relationship with organic materials, Harvest is helping shape that conversation. From apple cores to compost, pizza crusts to power, and farms to forks, this Organic Connections video series – filmed in 2012 – connects ideas and knowledge from experts in a variety of interlocking disciplines including food waste, clean energy and soil health.

Jonathan Bloom

Jonathan Bloom is the leading expert on food waste. In this interview he explores the environmental, ethical, and economic implications of food waste, and recommends a better path: anaerobic digestion and composting. Full of juicy statistics and sage advice, Jonathan provides an insight to our society’s organic waste equation. Learn more: ‪

Ian Bowles

Ian A. Bowles is an American environmentalist, politician, and political aide who served as Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs from 2007 to 2011. In 2006, Governor-elect Deval Patrick named Bowles secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs. As Secretary, Bowles helped guide the passing of the Green Communities Act in 2008. Bowles stepped down as secretary in 2011, and joined Harvest’s Strategic Board of Advisors. From 1999 to 2001, Bowles was the associate director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.
In this interview Ian, from Rhumb Line Energy, gives his insights on:

  • State and Federal policy drivers and challenges for renewable energy, anaerobic digestion, and biogas;
  • Barriers and opportunities for “Green Communities”;
  • Thoughts on how social media influences policy, media, and decisions; and
  • His vision for the future direction of renewable energy policy and beyond.

Carol Browner

Carol Browner served as Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2011. Browner previously served as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Clinton administration from 1993 to 2001. A seasoned veteran of policy, energy and politics — she’s known to some as the “Energy Czar” — Browner, who serves on Harvest’s Strategic Board of Advisors, shares some of her thoughts around:

  • Federal Policy with regard to renewable energy, anaerobic digestion, and biogas;
  • Challenges and opportunities for organic diversion policies;
  • Her personal views of the importance of organic diversion;
  • Trends in awareness around sustainability and climate change; and
  • The future of Federal renewable energy policy.

Eliot Coleman

Eliot Coleman is the author of The New Organic Grower, Four Season Harvest, The Winter Harvest Handbook and many more. He has written extensively on the subject of organic agriculture since 1975. Eliot has more than 40 years’ experience in all aspects of organic farming, including field vegetables, greenhouse vegetables, rotational grazing of cattle and sheep, and range poultry. In this interview Eliot talks with us about his relationship with the soil, and how absolutely easy it is to grow good food.

David House

David House is the author of the Biogas Handbook: a “compendium of the art and science of using anything once alive to produce a burnable gas for powering light, automobiles, ovens, tractors, water heaters, furnaces and various contraptions.” It is informative, thorough, thoughtful, quirky, and chock full of juicy information about biogas. In this interview David explores the concept of “sustainagility,” the untapped potential of biogas, how all forms of energy are sunlight once or twice removed, and presents a vision for future energy policies that embrace biogas as part of a renewable energy portfolio.

Jeff Moyer

Jeff Moyer talks about improving the health of the soil. It’s all connected: healthy soil, nutritious food, and healthy communities. Organic crops are popular, even with the younger kids. He loves showing 12-year-olds how they have the power to change the way wheat is grown in this country. With discussions of Community Supported Agriculture and food deserts, he connects the health of our soil with the strength of our communities.

Pat Ricchiuti

Pat Ricchiuti is a fourth generation farmer in California. Specifically with regard to oranges, almonds, stone fruit, olives and more, Pat is well aware of the direct link between the health of his soil and the production of his fields. In this video he talks about the land, environment, water quality, integrated pest management, switching to organic, and his vision for future generations at P-R Farms.