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3 Food Scrap Updates: Metro Vancouver Region of BC

First, at the beginning of 2015, Metro Vancouver introduced an organics disposal ban, described by Chair Greg Moore in the video below. Starting on July 1, financial enforcement begins: waste loads with more than 25% visible food will be surcharged.  Learn more about food scraps diversion in the Metro Vancouver region.

Second, SHIFT recently launched a video, “Trash Talk Documentary” exploring how different businesses in the Metro Vancouver region – including Harvest Power – process organic waste as part of a circular economy.

After collecting their waste (ahem, on their balcony; that’s dedication) for 30 days they found that organics represented a drastic majority of their waste – 60%! – compared to the other material categories of garbage, plastic, and paper.

Lamb Lovers Hate Waste - Love Food Hate WasteFinally, feeling like reducing your food waste at the front end? Like before it reaches the bin for disposal/recycling? Check out the “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign for Canada, modeled after WRAP’s wildly successful program in England.