Food Waste Making (Inter)National News

national geographic logo

Has anyone else noticed that food waste – the topic of conversation we at Harvest Power have been “stalking” for 5+ years now – is all of a sudden making headlines in national and international news?

First, for example, take Harvest Public Media’s “Tossed Out: Food Waste In America” series.  The “Studying a Family’s Waste” story rang the most true with our audiences.  They call their kitchen catcher the “bucket of judgement” – classic!  They have some great tips on making sure their food goes to its highest and best use.

Second, also this season, Elizabeth Royte explores how 1/3 of our food is lost or wasted in National Geographic magazine. Just as she does in  Garbage Land, she maps out the forces at work.  Indeed, food waste is identified as a threat on national security.

Enjoy these juicy articles and videos on a topic near and dear to our hearts (and stomachs!).