Wood Recycling Facility Supports Closed Loop Economy in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC. (July 8, 2016) – Harvest Power Inc., a leader in organics sustainability solutions, today announced that its Canadian subsidiary, Harvest Urban Wood Recycling, Ltd, has merged with Smithers Enterprises, Inc. (SEI), to expand and enhance its wood recycling services in the Metro Vancouver region.

“Diverting clean wood from the landfill is one of the top sustainability priorities of the region,” said Sam Monaco, Senior Vice President of Harvest. He continued, “We’re pleased to expand our support for the community’s recycling and clean energy efforts through this merger.”

The Metro Vancouver region’s clean wood disposal ban requires the recycling of solid wood, lumber, and pallets. Harvest and SEI receive construction and demolition waste, extract the metals for recycling, and process the clean wood into biofuels for industrial customers. This both significantly reduces the quantity of material being landfilled and provides cleaner alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, enhancing the region’s air quality and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

“I’m excited to join efforts,” said Steve Smithers, Founder of SEI.  “Harvest’s market leadership and scale, combined with our strong customer base and strategic location, will enable us to better serve our customers and the region.”

Harvest and SEI operate wood recycling facilities in both Vancouver and New Westminster. Harvest’s other facilities in Metro Vancouver – its composting and clean energy facility in Richmond and its organic transfer station and retail soil yard in North Shore – are not involved in this merger.

Harvest Power is creating a more sustainable future by turning organic materials into locally consumed products that are good for the environment. Harvest has grown rapidly since its founding in 2008, garnering awards for its business of organic recycling, energy generation and soil revitalization. The company has been named to the Global Cleantech 100 six years running and was named one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World for 2014, and won the Canada Clean50 award.

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