Harvest Power Forms Technology Development Partnership with Germany’s GICON

Alliance gives Harvest exclusive rights to GICON’s high-solids anaerobic digestion technology, November, 2010

Harvest Power, Inc.
, a leader in organic waste management in North America, today announced a newly formed partnership with Germany’s GICON Bioenergie GmbH to build high solids anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities throughout North America. The partnership has targeted Harvest’s Vancouver, BC subsidiary as one of the first plants to convert organic waste into usable, renewable energy by taking residential and commercial organic waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill and converting it to biogas.

Under the terms of the partnership, Harvest has exclusive rights and owns the patents to GICON’s high solids AD technology in North America, and GICON will be responsible for plant engineering. The companies will work together on the design, construction and start-up of the first plant, which will process 27,000 metric tonnes per year of food and yard waste.

“In searching for the right partner, we conducted extensive due diligence on the most promising companies and saw an array of impressive anaerobic technologies,” said Paul Sellew, founder and CEO of Harvest Power. “GICON’s proposal stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. We chose GICON because of its unique two-stage batch digestion design that enables shorter retention times and higher biomethane yields, high quality operating plants, commitment to innovation through continuous research and development, and talented team with deep expertise in biogas plant design, construction and operation.”

“Our partnership with Harvest Power provides a strong launch point for GICON in the United States and Canada,” said Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jochen Großmann, GICON’s founder and CEO.“Harvest is the perfect partner for this objective because of its experience in organic waste management, commitment to technology innovation and ability to attract financing for new facilities.”

GICON’s eight facilities in Europe produce 11 MW of power and process 171,000 tonnes per year of diverse organic material. GICON’s team of experienced engineers has been involved in the design of over seventy facilities in twelve countries processing one million tonnes per year.

About Harvest Power

Through innovative technologies and unparalleled industry experience, Harvest is ushering in a new era of organics recycling. Harvest develops, builds, owns and operates state-of-the-art facilities that produce renewable energy and compost from discarded organic materials. Deploying best-in-class technologies, Harvest provides capital for projects and top-tier talent to finance, engineer, construct and operate the facilities. By harnessing the energy and nutrients of organic materials, Harvest enables communities to increase their energy independence, reduce their environmental impact, and harvest valuable resources.


GICON Bioenergie GmbH is an affiliate of Groβmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH (GICON), a multidisciplinary engineering company based in Germany that specializes in process technology, consulting, planning expertise, and project management. GICON personnel have decades of combined experience in the design, basic and detail planning, construction and commissioning of anaerobic digestion plants with pre-treatment and post-composting based on various organic wastes.

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