Harvest Power Mobile App Upgraded For The Growing Season

WALTHAM, Mass., March 27, 2013 – Harvest Power, a leader in maximizing the value of organic materials, has upgraded its Harvest Landscape Calculator, a mobile app for gardeners and landscapers. The free app, now available on Android devices in addition to iPhones and iPads, features an enhanced user interface that makes it even easier to determine how much soil, mulch or stone is needed for any gardening project.

“Gardeners want to spend the weekend up to their elbows in soil, not crunching numbers figuring out how much mulch to buy,” said Paul Sellew, founder and CEO of Harvest Power. “Since many of us at Harvest are avid gardeners, we’re excited to improve the app and offer it to more customers. The Harvest Landscape Calculator takes the guesswork out of soil purchases, allowing users to save money and focus on the landscapes they love.”

The Harvest Landscape Calculator uses garden dimensions to calculate the volume of soil, mulch or stone needed for a landscaping project. In addition to displaying useful conversions for filling pots and hanging baskets, it also offers tips for applying compost to flower beds, gardens, lawns, turf surfaces, trees and shrubs. With a bit of whimsy, the app provides inspirational quotes to help aspiring gardeners get in the planting spirit.

To download the Harvest Landscape Calculator, or to learn more, please visit Google Play, the iTunes Store or www.harvestpower.com/media/apps/.

About Harvest Power

Harvest creates a more sustainable future by helping communities better manage and beneficially reuse their organic waste through the production of renewable energy and soils, mulches and natural fertilizers. Harvest’s vision is to find the highest and best use for the 500 million tons of organic materials produced in North America each year. The company operates organics facilities in the MidAtlantic and West Coast of the US, and in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. Harvest has grown rapidly since its founding in 2008 and has garnered awards for its business of energy generation and soil revitalization: the company has been named to the Cleantech 100 Top Global Cleantech companies three times, designated “Emerging Company of the Year” by the New England Clean Energy Council, and received a KPMG award for “Top Infrastructure Project” in the world in 2012.