Harvest Power Receives Canadian Government Grant to Open First High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Facility

Company moves closer to goal of first commercial HSAD facility in Canada, November, 2010

WALTHAM, MASS, November 9, 2010 – Harvest Power, a developer of renewable energy and compost facilities for next-generation organics recycling, today proudly announced that its Fraser Richmond Soil & Fibre facility will receive up to $4 million over two years from the government of Canada. The funding will be used to finance the construction of the country’s first high-efficiency system for producing renewable energy from food and yard waste.

Harvest founder and CEO Paul Sellew announced the grant alongside the Honourable Christian Paradis, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, at a ceremony in the Fraser Richmond facility. The grant comes from the Government of Canada’s Clean Energy Fund, which is investing $795 million in clean energy technology development and demonstration over five years.

The project will utilize Harvest’s high solids anaerobic digestion (HSAD) technology, which efficiently biodegrades dry organic waste (such as urban food and yard waste) in a two-stage system that maximizes throughput, system stability and methane concentration in the resulting renewable biogas. The project will divert up to 27,000 tons of food and yard waste per year from landfills.

“Harvest has already made dramatic progress in our goal of becoming the first commercial HSAD facility in Canada, and this grant from the Canadian Clean Energy Fund positions us to achieve that goal in the near future,” said Sellew. “We are especially excited by this project because of the incredible potential of HSAD to serve as a fundamental pillar in the North American organic waste management portfolio.”

“Investments in clean energy technologies are a key part of our balanced approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change,” said Minister Paradis. “Our Government is investing in this project to encourage clean energy innovation and help create high-quality jobs for Canadians.”

The Clean Energy Fund is investing $795 million in clean energy technology development and demonstration over five years. The Government of Canada’s support will help launch nearly 20 projects, including the Fraser Richmond facility, under the renewable and clean energy portion of the Clean Energy Fund, totaling up to $146 million. Three carbon capture and storage projects have also been announced, totaling $466 million from the fund.

“Recently named both a 2010 Global Cleantech 100 Company and the “Emerging Company of the Year” by the New England Clean Energy Council, Harvest is rapidly expanding its business and developing new facilities throughout North America.”

About Harvest Power

Through innovative technologies and unparalleled industry experience, Harvest is ushering in a new era of organics recycling. Harvest develops, builds, owns and operates state-of-the-art facilities that produce renewable energy and compost from discarded organic materials. Deploying best-in-class technologies, Harvest provides capital for projects and top-tier talent to finance, engineer, construct and operate the facilities. By harnessing the energy and nutrients of organic materials, Harvest enables communities to increase their energy independence, reduce their environmental impact, and harvest valuable resources.

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