Hauling Organics for Successful

A hauling truck is a hauling truck, unless that hauling truck transports food waste. Transporting food waste presents a set of unique challenges and opportunities.

Harvest Power’s desire to deliver a seamless organics disposal solution requires a qualified waste transportation partner. When approached, Republic Services welcomed the opportunity.

Republic Services had already been involved with food waste diversion programs in other markets. They understood the requirements and had experience transporting organic waste. Specially built aluminum containers that are equipped to handle this type of material will be used for collection—instead of traditional waste hauling trucks.

In addition, developing sustainable waste solutions had already become incorporated into the company’s corporate mission. Republic Services could now add a state-of-the-art disposal solution to their portfolio of services.

Chris Peters, Regional Vice President for Harvest Power says the relationship with Republic Services has been a win-win situation. Harvest offers a seamless organics management solution at a cost that is competitive with disposal options. Harvest also works with all existing qualified haulers.

“Republic has been great to work with as our preferred hauler. Their ability to deliver is a lynchpin for many of our clients wanting to start an organics disposal program,” he said. “Clients find them very easy to work with.”

If your company is interested in exploring food waste diversion options, Contact Chris Peters directly at (407) 569-2754.