In House Herbs

Herbs1[1]Herb gardens are an easy, exciting project that can spice things up in the kitchen and in the garden! This growing season, make your garden pop with scents of thyme, oregano, basil, or mint.

You can grow your own herbs in containers just outside your kitchen door, on a sunny window ledge, or in your home garden. Give your herbs enough sunlight and a little TLC and they’ll reward you! The Tasteful Garden has some great tips on a beginner project, and West Virginia University has some further information for the advanced gardener. If you’re interested in keeping your herbs indoor and close-at-hand, Organic Gardening has some great tips on indoor herb gardening!

So take the time to grow yourself some herbs and enjoy the delicious perfumes and tastes of summer. Share your favorite herb-ey recipes with us and keep gardening!

by Licole Paroly