Landscape Inspiration: Clothespin Labels and Pallet-Based Greenroofs

Friends of Harvest Power often ask us for garden- and landscape- inspiration. We saw these two ideas at a garden show and wanted to share.

Inspiration #1: Clothespin Labelsclothespin labels - lettuce

Do you like to label things in your garden, either so you remember what it is, or help guide guests towards what they’re viewing? We do, too, only we don’t always like the labeling options available at the store. (Drum roll please….) We saw this cute idea of using clothespins as labels. They’re simple, scalable, easy to move around, and you can customize them to meet your needs.

clothespin labels - amethyst basil

Here is one for Salad Bowl Lettuce, and another for Italian Parsley.

clothespin labels - salad bowl lettuce

clothespin labels - italian parsleyInspiration #2: Pallet-Based Greenroof

As you know, we are all about green roofs and their benefits to storm water management and runoff. Some folks want a green roof, but cannot remodel their home. Or perhaps they just need a bit more surface area to garden but don’t have space on the ground. Voila: pallets! Pallets can give shape to a simple greenroof that you can put on an outdoor shed or children’s playhouse. Just line the pallet with liner, add potting mix, and your favorite shallow-rooted plants.

pallet green roof garden pallet green roof

What garden inspirations have you seen recently?