USA Waste of California, Inc., dba Waste Management, has acquired Harvest Power California’s compost facility in Tulare, California and Lathrop, California. Harvest has had the pleasure of serving communities in this region for a number of years.

If you have questions about operations at Tulare or Lathrop, future communities served, or the types of landscape, food waste and manure accepted at these sites, please contact:

Rebecca O’Brien
Proposal & Marketing Manager

The future focus of Harvest is on organics-to-energy projects. Using environmentally sustainable practices, our goal is to convert organics – those that have historically been landfilled or otherwise disposed of – into energy and other beneficial products. With this we achieve sustainability in waste utilization, clean energy innovation, and soil revitalization.

Organics waste constitutes the largest component of municipal solid waste, resulting in the emission of potent greenhouse methane gas as it decays. The Harvest Energy team is focused on eliminating these practices with common sense, community-based solutions using naturally occurring bacteria to produce biogas (via an anaerobic digestion (“AD”) process), and natural fertilizers returned locally to enrich soils.

The aim of our team at Harvest Energy Holdings, LLC is to build and operate state of the art AD facilities, with a focus in the State of California, for the management of food and green waste materials, and the production of renewable gas. The Harvest AD facilities will add much needed organics and waste processing infrastructure for jurisdictions throughout the State, helping to meet California’s waste diversion and short lived climate pollutant regulations, including SB1383.

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