Compost for Bulk Delivery in CT

2013-home-delivery-web-300x225Screened Organic Compost

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Delivered to your home or job site in Connecticut. Convenient delivery to start raised garden beds, amend your vegetable garden topsoil, or launch that lawn reseeding project!

Our organic compost is 100% natural, derived from decomposed leaves and yard trimmings. It’s completely safe for use in food production, and approved in Connecticut by NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association).

Call us to order and schedule your bulk delivery of compost: Call 860.674.8855 x101.




  • 100% natural
  • Screened to 5/8” particle size or less

  • Compost adds humus

  • Soil Amendment – Compost can improve virtually any soil. Learn more about how compost improves soil.
  • Top Dressing – A thin layer of compost applied over turf replenishes organic matter and stimulates soil microorganisms. Learn more about using compost as a top dressing.
  • Landscape Plantings – Compost can be used as a peat substitute when planting trees and shrubs or preparing beds for annuals and perennials.