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Ellington Yard Waste

Yard Waste Disposal: Logs, Tree Limbs, and Brush Recycling in Ellington, CT

If you’ve got downed trees, tree limbs, brush or other yard waste disposal needs, come see Harvest New England in Ellington, CT. We recycle logs, limbs, and leaves to create nutrient-rich natural mulches and organic compost. Turn that winter storm debris into a beautiful opportunity to enrich your plantings and vegetable garden come springtime.

Leaves Only $4.00/Cubic Yard
Brush Only (up to 6″ diameter) $4.00/Cubic Yard
Mixed Yard Waste (brush, leaves and grass mixed)  NOTE! If you separate out these materials you get a price reduction. $8.00/Cubic Yard
Large Logs Under 4′ (diameter over 6″) $5.00/Cubic Yard
Large Logs Over 4′ (diameter over 6″) $10.00/Cubic Yard
Stumps $10.00/Cubic Yard
Pallets No Charge
Clean Wood Chips No Charge
Horse Manure No Charge
**Clean yard waste only. Please no plastic, no trash, no rocks, no cement, no fill dirt, no painted, stained or otherwise treated wood, no flower pots of any material – plastic or ceramic or other, no plant tags or plant packaging material, no glass, no pet waste. What goes around comes around: We accept only materials that you would want back in your garden.

Prices subject to change without notice.