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Fairfield Yard Waste

Yard Waste Disposal: Logs, Tree Limbs, and Brush Recycling in Fairfield, CT

Harvest New England in Fairfield, CT is your convenient, efficient resource for recycling yard waste. Bring us your winter storm debris, and we’ll turn those logs, tree limbs, and brush into nutrient-rich natural mulches and organic compost. See us after the winter for beautiful selections of mulch, topsoil and compost for your plantings and gardens. View a full list of our products, services, locations and prices.

Leaves Only $55.00/Ton
Brush Only (up to 6″ diameter) $55.00/Ton
Mixed Yard Waste (brush, leaves and grass mixed) NOTE! If you separate these materials you get a price reduction. $69.00/Ton
Logs (6′ max length) $65.00/Ton
Stumps (36″ maximum) $75.00/Ton
Pallets $65.00/Ton
Clean Wood Chips No Charge
Grass $69.00/Ton
**No Charge for Fairfield Residents (with valid beach/solid waste sticker) bringing under 500 pounds. Clean yard waste only. Please no plastic, trash, rocks or other contaminants. No painted, stained or otherwise treated wood.

Prices subject to change without notice