Organic Compost for Topseeding Lawns

Lawn Looking Bare? You Need Organic Compost!

Top Dressing for Overseeding Lawns

Nature’s Fertilizer for Lawn Topseeding

Overseed now with organic compost as a base, for a lush lawn. Our compost is 100% natural, screened to a 5/8” particle size or smaller. It’s the perfect Natural Fertilizer for your lawn. Or spread some of our Topsoil Plus blend of native farm loam and high-quality compost. It combines the fertility-enhancing benefits of compost with the workability of good loam.

EcoLawn Applicator

Eco Lawn Applicator for Top Dressing

Got a large Top Dressing job?  The Ecolawn Applicator is what you need for spreading compost and top dressing lawns and turf. Use it to top dress newly seeded areas. It can be used to spread products including organic compost and other natural fertilizers as well as granular lime and sand.

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Topsoil Plus is our exclusive blend of native farm loam and high quality compost. This enriched top soil blend combines the fertility-enhancing benefits of compost with the workability of good loam.

          • Beautifully rich and dark in color
          • Screened to 5/8” particle size or less

          • Rakes out easily and evenly
          • Provides excellent soil structure for enhanced plant growth
          • Optimizes soil drainage and water retention
          • Contains beneficial microorganisms for increased biological activitiy and healthy disease-free soil
          • Contains micro-and macro-nutritnets
          • Adds organic matter to the soil
          • Produces faster germination

          • New Lawn Installations
          • Turf Top Dressing
          • Flower and Vegetable Gardens
          • Planting of New Trees and Shrubs
          • Athletic Field Restoration
Our Screened Compost is 100% natural, derived from decomposed leaves and yard trimmings. Our compost is completely safe for use in food production and approved in Connecticut by NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association).

          • 100% natural
          • Screened to 5/8” particle size or less

          • Compost adds humus

          • Soil Amendment – Compost can improve virtually any soil.
          • Top Dressing – A thin layer of compost applied over turf replenishes organic matter and stimulates soil microorganisms.
          • Landscape Plantings – Compost can be used as a peat substitute when planting trees and shrubs or preparing beds for annuals and perennials