Organic Compost for Topseeding Lawns

bare spots in lawn needing overseeding

Turn dry, less fertile areas into …

topdressing overseeding lawns organic compost fertilizer

…a rich base for overseeding your lawn

Lawn Looking Bare? You Need Organic Compost!

Nature’s Fertilizer for Lawn Topseeding

It was a rough winter in Connecticut. Your lawn may be showing the effects! Overseed now with organic compost as a base, for a lush lawn. Our compost is 100% natural, screened to a 5/8” particle size or smaller. It’s the perfect Natural Fertilizer for your lawn.

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How Organic Compost Helps Your Lawn

A thin layer of compost applied over the lawn replenishes organic matter and stimulates soil microorganisms. More biological activity enhances soil fertility and minimizes thatch build-up.

– Adds humus to the soil, making it more fertile.
– Increases pore space to deliver more oxygen and water to root zones
– Boosts soil’s water-holding capacity, without making it soggy
– Feeds and vitalizes microbe populations
– Moderates extremes of pH, by acting as a buffering agent
– Supresses disease organisms