Screened Organic Compost (Residential)

Harvest New England’s Organic Compost: Improve Soil Fertility the Natural Way

Residential Screened Organic CompostOur organic screened compost is 100% natural, derived from decomposed leaves and yard trimmings. We screen our compost to a 5/8” particle size or smaller. Completely safe for use in food production, and approved in Connecticut by NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association).

Benefits of Compost for Your Garden

Compost adds humus to the soil, making it easier to work and more fertile.

  • Delivers more oxygen and water to root zones by increasing pore space in the soil
  • Boosts soil’s water-holding capacity, without making it soggy
  • Feeds and vitalizes microbe populations by storing nutrients and releasing them when needed
  • Moderates extremes of pH, by acting as a buffering agent
  • Supresses disease organisms of many plants

Uses for Compost

  • Soil Amendment – Compost can improve virtually any soil. Compost decreases the bulk density of clay soils allowing for better root penetration, oxygen infiltration and water drainage. Compost increases the water-holding and nutrient-retention capabilities of sandy soils.
  • Top Dressing – A thin layer of compost applied over turf replenishes organic matter and stimulates soil microorganisms. More biological activity enhances soil fertility and minimizes thatch build-up.
  • Landscape Plantings – Compost can be used as a peat substitute when planting trees and shrubs or preparing beds for annuals and perennials. To encourage root develop and spread, apply a  top dressing of compost under mulch and extend it to just beyond the drip line of new plantings.

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