Screened Topsoil for Bulk Delivery in CT

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Topsoil Plus is our exclusive blend of native farm loam and high quality compost. This enriched top soil blend combines the fertility-enhancing benefits of compost with the workability of good loam.

  • Delivered to your home or job site in Connecticut
  • Start raised garden beds
  • Amend your vegetable garden topsoil
  • Launch that lawn reseeding project!



  • Beautifully rich and dark in color
  • Screened to 1/2” particle size or less

  • Rakes out easily and evenly
  • Provides excellent soil structure for enhanced plant growth
  • Optimizes soil drainage and water retention
  • Contains beneficial microorganisms for increased biological activity and healthy disease-free soil
  • Contains micro-and macro-nutrients
  • Adds organic matter to the soil
  • Produces faster germination

  • New Lawn Installations
  • Turf Top Dressing
  • Flower and Vegetable Gardens
  • Planting of New Trees and Shrubs
  • Athletic Field Restoration