Mid-Summer Pickles

With this blog post, we take a moment to enjoy a spicy slice of summer from Harvest Garden Pro’s Dave Devine in Delaware. Dave writes:

On a rainy day that the garden badly needed, a harvest of cucumbers led to a day in the kitchen making 3 types of pickles. This picking made 34 jars and there will be at least 2 more harvests plus what we use in salads, etc, all from 4 vines in cages. I order my seeds during the doldrums of winter, Johnny’s Seeds has a great selection of disease resistant varieties, very important because my garden is 100% ORGANIC!

A tip from my grandmother, after harvesting cucumbers for pickling, put them in the refrigerator to get the heat out, and while the brine is cooking, and the slicing is done, back into the refrigerator, pack them in the jars cold, and they will remain extra crispy.

Many of my friends enjoy a spicy dill pickle, in each jar goes one habanero sliced into 3 long pieces, the hot brine poured into the jars releases the heat from the peppers and the pickles have a nice bite to them.

We always take pickles as a thank you to a dinner invite, our label says, “from our garden to your table….Enjoy”!

Dave Devine
Harvest Garden Pro