Contractors, campuses,  and homeowners are clamoring for natural lawn care solutions.  Why?

  • SAFETY & ENJOYMENT: Everyone likes a safe lawn where their pets or kids can play.
  • BANS ON PESTICIDES: Lots of communities have enacted bans on cosmetic pesticides. Due to these policies, people that still want to achieve a lush, dark, green lawn are looking for different options.
  • STORMWATER MANAGEMENT: Healthy soils reduce pollutants entering watersheds, and natural lawn care helps produce healthy soils.

Here are a few pieces of advice on how to love your lawn, naturally.

LAWN CARE ADVICE #1: Healthy Soil = Healthy Roots

As you can see in the following video, healthy soil = healthy roots. (And unhealthy soil will often lead to wimpy roots!)  You want to support your soil. One of the best ways to do that is by adding a natural soil builder, such as a 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch layer of compost, to the soil each spring or fall.

LAWN CARE ADVICE #2: Small Choices Can Add Up to a Big Difference

The following video shows how a few small choices can support your natural lawn care goals.

  • Trim the Top: Set your lawnmower on its highest settings.
  • Grasscycle: Let your soil pick up what you put down; let the clippings land and return to the soil.
  • Support Your Soil: As mentioned earlier, apply a topdressing of compost or lawn soil each spring or fall.

LAWN CARE ADVICE #3: Figure out How Much You Need and How to Spread

As you look out at your yard or vast acreage, you might wonder, “How much compost or lawn soil do I need?”   Two tips:

Then, you might wonder, “How do I spread the compost or lawn soil?” Here are a few options:

  • Spreaders: There are a few main categories of spreaders available at your nearby lawn and garden supply store. The main three variables you’ll need to navigate are:
    • Push or Tow Behind
    • Broadcast or Drop
    • Size
  • Blower truck: Harvest partners with local blower truck operators that can spread the product for you.
  • Hand broadcast: In smaller spaces it’s possible to spread soil amendments by hand, then rake into the turf surface.