Welcome to Harvest Power’s New Website

landing pageWelcome to our new website at Harvest Power! We’d like to point out a few new key features:


You used to have to go into each different region to find out what products and services were offered. Now, you can quickly navigate between all locations, services and products, glorious soil and mulch products. Also, our blog is now integrated into the website which should make it easier to connect the dots between current events and our business.  For example, you might be keen to learn more about anaerobic digestion and biogas – hot topics. Or perhaps you just want to say hello!  Visit our contact page. It’s easy to get everywhere now at harvestpower.com.

responsive designRESPONSIVE DESIGN

Our website used to looked the same whether you loaded it on your desktop,  tablet or phone, leading to lots of tiny text and hard-to-navigate sections. Now, with responsive design, you will never have to zoom in on a region or article; the responsive design will scale automatically and load beautifully on your media device. So say you’re a landscaper in Connecticut and you need to quickly navigate to Farmington’s products and prices on your phone…. BOOM: Two clicks and you’re in with no pesky zooming.

dynamic product filterDYNAMIC PRODUCT & SERVICE FILTER

You used to have to go into each region to see what products and services were offered. Now, you can see ALL products and services offered, then filter according to your needs. Imagine you’re a contractor in the Mid-Atlantic states needing mulch products in bulk forms.  Voila! Just like that, the filters will point you towards Black Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Brown Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch and Wood Chips.

clean and simple navSIMPLE, CLEAN, NAVIGATION

Every location has its own page with four key tabs: the landing tab with the address, hours, a short descriptions, list of products, and what materials we accept; a services tab with a list of services; a tab about this location and local partners; and finally an FAQ. For example, here’s the landing page for our composting facility and energy garden in Richmond BC. We also noticed that a lot of users want to know more about how much soil or mulch product they need, so our Landscape Calculator is now easy to find. Or perhaps you just want to say hello!  Visit our contact page.

There’s lots to explore in our new website. What’s your favorite feature or page?


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