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Did you read about us in the news? Have you heard us on NPR? Did you watch our TEDx talk? Harvest Power is popping up all over the media as the leader in managing organic waste and providing top quality soil amendments. This page posts a few of our top features and mentions. If you are with the press and are interested in an interview with Harvest Power, please contact Meredith Sorensen, Director of Communications at 206.569.0344.


Forbes' TechonomyTechonomy, ForbesA food Waste Reduction Movement Gathers Steam,” by Leslie Pascaud.


ZDNet logoZDNet, “Could food waste power our cities? Biogas plants convert wasted food into electricity, fertilizer and irrigation water, all while cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions,” by Julie Mehta


The Vancouver ProvinceThe Province,What happens to your scraps? Vancouver’s green bin program reduces garbage heading to landfill by 40 per cent. From food scraps to high-quality soil used to grow more food,” by Cassidy Olivier


CNN MoneyCNN Money, “Disney turns food scraps into electricity,” by CNN Money 2014.07.12


Yale 360 env logoYale Environment 360: On the Front Lines of Recycling, Turning Food Waste into Biogas, by Rachel Cernansky, 2014.06.26.


thedailybeast The Daily Beast, “Will Food Waste Power Your Home?” New Energy Economy 2014.06.16


REW Part of MagicRenewable Energy From Waste Magazine: Part of the Magic, by Kristin Smith for the May/June 2014 Issue, pp 16-19.


food manufacturingFood Manufacturing: Converting Produce Waste into Energy, by Meredith Sorensen “Industry Insider” Section for  May/June 2014.  View online article here.


boston business journal WomenUp: Kathleen Ligocki of Harvest Power Inc., by Keith Regan (subscription required)

Boston Business Journal - Women Up


my fox tampaFox, “Magical ride for Disney’s food scraps,” Chris Chmura, FOX 13 Consumer Reporter


American Biogas Council Project of the Year awardHarvest Power Wins American Biogas Council Award; Anaerobic Digester in Central Florida Named “Project of the Year”The Winners at BioCycle's REFOR conference - ABC Project of the Year Awards


orlando business journal logoOrlando Business Journal:


huff postHuffington Post Canada, Harvest Power: Turning Your Rotten Food into Energy,” David Dodge 2014.02.17

03.12.2014 logoEpisode 3 – Harvest Power – Orlando FL” by Paul Greene 2014.03.05


nprMorning Edition, “Turning Food Waste into Fuel Takes Gumption and Trillions of Bacteria,” Joel Rose, 2014.03.11


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