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Welcome to Harvest – Ontario!

Harvest is proud to partner with London, Ontario, by bringing a reliable, environmentally beneficial organics management solution. This cost-effective processing option helps the community lower costs, meet recycling targets, provide renewable energy, and return nutrients to local farms and fields.

Harvest’s Energy Garden in London, Ontario (take a virtual 360-degree tour from a top of a digester!) turns organic materials into clean, renewable energy and natural fertilizers. The facility uses a wet anaerobic digestion technology to turn mixed organic materials into renewable electricity and organic and natural fertilizers. The Energy Garden, which has been certified and permitted by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, is open.

Use this site to learn more about the project, the energy and fertilizer products, or our community engagement.

Throughout the development of this facility, which used to be known as Stormfisher Biogas, we have met with a Public Liaison Committee (PLC) and neighbours at regular intervals to communicate about the process. Everyone is excited to learn how this project helps:

  • Produce renewable energy in London and for London
  • Support Ontario’s Food Processing industry
  • Support the Province of Ontario’s renewable energy policy
  • Recycle locally produced organics including organics produced in London
  • Demonstrate a model for good neighbor relations and being a good corporate citizen in London
  • Invest in London’s long-term sustainability solutions
  • Reduce dependence on petro-chemical fertilizers

With state-of-the-art features, including environmental and odour controls built in from the start, we believe this Energy Garden will be a model for communities across North America.

Anaerobic digestion on the left, and biogas capture and storage on the right, at our London, ON Energy Garden.

The completely enclosed tip hall in London ON keeps operations tidy.

See humans for scale of the large tanks at Harvest's Energy Garden in London ON.

Entrance to our site in London ON.

Our partners over at the Ontario Energy Board asked us to help make this announcement.  Please be advised of the following:

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