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Welcome to Harvest – Ontario!

Harvest Power is proud to partner with London, Ontario, by bringing a reliable, environmentally beneficial organics management solution. This cost-effective processing option helps the community lower costs, meet recycling targets, provide renewable energy, and return nutrients to local farms and fields.

Take a spin!

This 360-degree view was taken from the top of one of our digester tanks that uses wet anaerobic digestion technology to close the organic loop by turning mixed organic materials into clean energy and natural fertilizers.

Food Processors, Looking for a reliable disposal option?

Our Energy Garden has been certified and permitted by the Ontario Ministry of Environment to turn all kinds of food waste into local, clean energy. Learn more about materials we accept.

Haulers, We are open!

Mon – Fri 8:30-4:30. If you need additional hours for drop-off please get in touch as we are permitted to accept materials 6 days a week, 365 days a year. For more details call us toll free: 855.321.7600

Neighbors, Friends, Community, Hello!

We’ve been operating since the Fall of 2013, turning organic waste from local businesses, food processors and grocery stories into clean energy and natural fertilizers. Alas, we currently do NOT take residential organic waste. But if you are an organizer of an event with over 500 persons and need a place to bring your scraps, contact us and we will work with you to help you achieve your zero waste and recycling targets.

Gardeners, Get in on the nutrient action!

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We supply top quality natural fertilizers for lawns and gardens.

Throughout the development of this facility, which used to be known as Stormfisher Biogas, we have met with a Public Liaison Committee (PLC) and neighbours at regular intervals to communicate about the process. Everyone is excited to send organic waste to this facility! Here’s why…

It’s a Reliable Organic Waste Disposal Option

Food processors and grocery stores have already adapted to our food separation processes-and have found little to no impact on operational efficiency. Businesses enjoy regularly scheduled organic waste pickup while Harvest helps guide your staff through the implementation of simple separation processes.

It Creates Local, Renewable Energy

The more food waste recovered means less food waste dumped into shrinking landfill space. Through our process, businesses and communities can help produce clean, renewable energy right here, supporting the Province of Ontario’s renewable energy policy.

It Helps Preserve Our Soils

By recycling organic waste, communities meet the challenges at the intersection of waste, agriculture and energy in the 21st century including the nutrient management plans required in Ontario.

It Helps Manage Costs

Food waste is heavy and the transportation and disposal costs for trash are generally higher than those for food waste. Speak with a Harvest Power representative to see how you can save-and help save our community.

With state-of-the-art features, including environmental and odour controls built in from the start, we believe this Energy Garden is a model for communities across North America.

Our partners over at the Ontario Energy Board asked us to help make this announcement. Please be advised of the following:

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