End-to-End Management

From soup to nuts, nuts to volts, and volts to vegetables.



Whether you are a supermarket, municipality, restaurant, food processor, or other food-waste generation business, we provide the tools you need to quickly and easily separate out your food scraps. Support includes:

  • Point of Disposal Tools – Posters, Bin Suggestions, Signage Designs, and Tips on Safe Sorting
  • Hauler Connections – We help you connect the dots between your organic waste, the hauler, and our facilities.
  • Accepting and Processing – Our facilities provide reliable processing capacity so you can rest assured your organic waste will get put to its highest and best use.


We have loads of experience meeting the demands of customers with high expectations.Support includes:

  • Design, Build, Own and Operate – We’re not a black box company selling one mouse trap to try to meet all needs. We provide access to a platform of the best anaerobic digestion technologies that we customize to meet the site’s unique needs for its footprint, feedstock, and outbound fertilizer needs.
  • Value Engineering – We like waste, but we don’t like wasted time, energy, or materials.
  • Permitting  – Project development is tricky. We help navigate the permitting process.
  • Community Engagement – The most important part of a project? The local community.


After food waste diversion, collection and transport, and anaerobic digestion, the cycle continues: we help get those nutrients back in the ground on fields, farms and landscapes. Support includes: