Time to Play! Use Playground Carpet – A Mulch for Safe, Soft Landings

PlaygroundSummertime is upon us.

Spending more time out of doors at the park and playground makes us want to make sure we have soft, safe landings.  Looking to upgrade your play structure? Our Playground Carpet Mulch is:

  • made of ground virgin wood chips
  • used under playground equipment and for walking paths
  • safe for children and pets.

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  1. says:

    This looks nice. I wonder how often you would typically need to replace it, especially in a humid climate. I am from West Palm Beach FL and most of the mulch you see at the playgrounds around here is either recycled rubber or the little wood chips but I am not sure what type of wood they typically use. Perhaps cedar because that is supposed to be bug resistant? Cyprus mulch is very common around here for planters and landscaping, I’ve noticed. I would like to learn more!


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