Power of We

Power of We

Interlocking Challenges

It is easy to look around and see challenges that seem impossible to overcome. Overflowing landfills. Increased energy costs. Dependence on fossil fuels. Unsustainable agriculture.

Sustainable Solutions

We see these challenges as tremendous opportunities for positive growth. By building stronger systems of organics recycling, energy generation and soil revitalization, we can join together and create resilient networks within local communities. We are entering a new era: one that will flourish through creativity, connections and collective action. The power for change lies in our hands. It’s the “Power-of-We.”

Connect with Us Now

Residents & Students

Are you stepping up to the plate to recycle organics, learn more about anaerobic digestion, and revitalize your soil? We support you to:

Haulers & Food-Waste Generating Businesses

Where you see waste, we see materials brimming with potential. From doorstep to dumpster, we provide the tools organic waste generators need to separate organic materials efficiently and effectively, and deliver them safely to our sites. Haulers are going with the organic waste flow too. We support you to:

Municipalities & Utilities

Resilient communities. That’s where we’re headed. Municipalities seek to meet the bottom line while sowing the seeds of sustainability in their community. We see pent up demand and unlimited potential to develop a clean energy economy across North America. If you are a municipality or utility, we want to partner with you to:

Landscapers & Agriculture & Horticulture

Dig in. Our aim is to provide the best soil products on the market that simultaneously enrich the earth while stirring your soul. It’s your land. We’re here to support you:


We carry over 100 products, manufactured and distributed under the highest quality control standards in the industry.  We are your partner in managing your soil and mulch inventory.  Depend on us for:

  • Amazing Products. Mulches, Soils, Potting Mixes, and Stones
  • Guaranteed Delivery: We work diligently to guarantee that you have the product on-time and delivered efficiently with our own fleet of flatbeds with dispatchers at every manufacturing facility.
  • Customer Service: Our top-rated customer service department, in conjunction with our state of the art IT systems allows for orders to be processed and shipped in the shortest turnaround time in the industry
  • Quality Performance: Our products pass rigorous quality control tests.
  • One Stop Shopping: We can offer a range of products – such as Garden Pro, Nature’s Pride, Nature’s Pride Select, and Superpowered™ – in a single delivery, maximizing efficiency for order fulfillment.

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