Providing Solutions for the Future

Soils and Mulches. Renewable Energy. Community Participation. These are the three key ingredients that we help deliver for a sustainable future. Our vision is to put organic materials to their highest and best use and redistribute the resources back into society in useable forms of renewable 
energy and high-quality soil products. We also engage the community through local partnerships and programs. Nothing is wasted and the end result is sustainable living.

Superpowered® Sustainability

Harvest’s supply chain delivers a wide range of benefits for business, government and consumers.

Harvest’s supply chain delivers a wide range of benefits for businesses, governments and consumers. Our products and services help communities meet the challenges at the intersection of waste, agriculture and energy in the 21st century. We aspire to help:

Meet Recycling Targets. Organic materials should not be transported to distant landfills; they can be recycled locally into nutrient-rich soil products.

Lower Costs. We save communities money by offering services at a lower cost.

Increase Energy Independence. By producing biogas – which can be turned into electricity, renewable natural gas or vehicle fuel – we reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Revitalize Soil. Our top quality soils, mulches and natural fertilizers help the earth grow well, naturally.

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