Recycling and fire safety don’t often get combined into one event. Yet here are:

On January 6th & 7th 2018, the Port Moody Firefighters Local 2399 held our 13th Annual Christmas Tree Chipping event at the Inlet Centre Fire Hall.  This was once again a successful year in which over $8,700 was raised for donation to the British Columbia Professional Firefighters Burn Fund.  These funds will be used to help purchase equipment to assist burn victims throughout British Columbia and to send the youth burn survivors to Burn Camp among other purposes.

In addition to collecting donations at this event, we held a display to show the dangers of open flames and other sources of heat near dry Christmas trees in order to demonstrate the importance of proper care and watering.  It is our hope that displays such as this help prevent further tragedies.  The rest of the trees are put through a wood chipper and put into large disposal containers where they are transported to a composting facility

Port Moody educating about fire safety with a christmas treeHarvest was pleased to support this effort by gratuitously taking in the tree chips to at our local composting facility.  Kudos to the Port Moody Firefighters for putting on such a successful event!

Here’s a video of the event.

Photo and video credit: Port Moody Firefighters