Soil: A key ingredient

Natural soil enhancers produce more flavorful ingredients for resort restaurants.

Fresh foods improve the quality of any meal. Chefs at the Grande Lakes Orlando resort would attest to the benefits of having an on-site farm from which to cull ingredients.

There’s more to the story than freshness. The facility has been composting organic waste to enhance the farm’s soil for some time. Beyond just helping to provide fresh vegetables, foods grown in naturally fertilized soil have been documented to be more flavorful.

For a company in the foodservice industry that means tangible bottom-line benefits.

Organic fertilizers possess an array of advantages over their synthetic counterparts:

• They ensure long-term fertility soil due to slower nutrient release. • They protect the soil’s natural fauna of microbes leading to healthier plants. • They enhance soil’s ability to retain water, saving on water usage. • The lack of harmful chemicals protects the environment and water supply.

Now that Grande Lakes Orlando has begun working with Harvest Power, the resort’s Whisper Creek Farm will have greater access to organic soil enhancers—a byproduct of Harvest Power’s anaerobic digestion process.