Soil Amendments, Best for Gardens


By Shelley Mulvey

Amending your existing garden soil is always a great way to start the gardening season. Periodically, your soil needs support, especially year after year of planting in it. One great soil amender for garden is compost. Compost can be applied to many different types of soils. When compost is applied to soils with lots of sand, it helps the soil retain water and nutrients that were before leached out. When compost is applied to soils high in clay, it helps build up the structure to absorb water and add nutrients so the soils can be more workable and less dense, allowing more air flow.

Almost every single type of soil benefits from adding compost into the mix. Not only will it add nutrients and help with water control, compost adds a sufficient amount of organic matter that is essential for plants to thrive. Your plants will thank you!