Soil Health Connection

The Soil-Health Connection

Have you noticed the increased awareness around the interlocking connections between soil, nature, and wellness?  We have.  While doctors don’t yet prescribe bags of soil or mulch – take two and call me in the morning! – communities are increasingly recognizing that nature provides boundless benefits.  Here are a few examples:

  • Soil Health ConnectionSOIL HAS SURPRISING HEALING PROPERTIES:  Healthy soil has lots of micro- and macro-bacteria, and interacting with that dynamic environment develops your own biosphere. Read about how dirt heals us.
  • GARDENING IS EXERCISE!  Bending, scooping, weeding and planting burns 200-400 calories per hour.
  • FRESH AIR IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH.  Seriously: Doctors are now prescribing visits to parks.  Skip the visit to the doctor and go straight to your backyard, park, or playground.
  • NATURE CAN MAKE YOU MORE SUCCESSFUL: Noticing your surroundings makes you more present, more mindful, and arguably more successful. Take a moment to notice your surroundings and you’ll get better at staying calm and focused.
  • NATURE MAKES US HAPPY.  The author of Nature Fix spent three years researching how nature impacts our brains.

Have you noticed a connection between how much time you spend in nature and your level of wellness?

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  1. Salem
    Salem says:

    I recently moved out of Salem and into the mountains of Oregon. One thing that I’m looking forward to coming into the Spring and Summer is finally seeing the soil and green shrubbery and bushes again. They’ve been buried by snow for so long that I’m truly starting to get that white snow fever and yearning for that snow to melt and the plants to rise! i certainly think you are right that nature makes us more successful and happy!


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