Spring into Container Gardening!


With spring poking green fingers through the snow, its time to start thinking about restarting your garden! One great way to kick start the planting season is to make a container garden.

Container gardens are a great way to optimize limited space or time. They look great on windowsills, porches, in hanging baskets, or even bordering a path! Organic Gardening has more details that will help get you going.

To get started with your container gardening, choose the biggest container that will fit in your chosen location – remember, plants like to spread out. Be sure to select plants that will thrive in the conditions they’ll be living in. Check your sunlight levels and temperature, buy potting soilthat will keep your plants happy, and pick out some seeds or starts!

For an aesthetically pleasing container garden, choose a mix of plants that grow well together and balance each other out. The University of Illinois has tips to help get you organized. Choose a tall centerpiece plant, some filler, and spilling plants. You can select decorative plants, herbs, vegetables, or even small trees, as long as your pot is big enough. Once you’ve chosen your plants, there’s only one step left: get gardening!