Hops and Fruit Fences

Are you a beer lover? Or perhaps you love to see plants grow before your very eyes?  If so, and if you’re looking for gardening inspiration, you might want to consider growing hops!  These vigorous vines make Jack and the Giant Beanstalk looks like a rookie. Here are directions on how to get hippity hopping next spring with a plant that – according to the owner of the hops plants below – grows more than 6″ per day in the peak season.

Hops can grow more than 6" per day! These are reaching for the sky.

Four flavors of hops, vigorously growing up strings.

Looking to get started on a gardening project earlier?  Love fruit?  This fall/winter consider putting in an espaliered apple tree that can go against a shed (as in this photo) or be used as a natural fence. Harvest Power’s soil products – and tips for planting trees – can help you get your fruit fence established.

This espaliered apple tree will produce lots of fruit.

What gardening project are you planning?