Earth Day 2015 – “Take Back Compost” Day in NewWest BC, and More!

Earth Day 2015 is HERE!

2015.04 - NewWest BC - Take Back Compost Soil TippedHarvest Power is participating in various ways across North America. A few glimpses:


Earlier this week Harvest provided compost – made from food scraps and yard trimmings from the residents and businesses in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia – to the citizens of New Westminster, BC in their “Take Back Compost Day” event. 2015.04 NewWest BC Take Back Compost Day - GroupNutrients from food scraps came full circle in the form of our Garden Blend, scooped up by residents eager to put it back onto their gardens.

2015.04 - NewWest BC Take Back Compost All GoneStill want a scoop?  We can arrange deliveries (minimum of 3 cubic yards) from Richmond, or pick up as little as 1/2 yard at our site on the North Shore.


This week we’re at Biomass Conference and Expo. Tomorrow (Wednesday) Kieran takes the stage to talk about carbon, organic waste, clean energy, anaerobic digestion, and all sorts of juicy intersections with a sustainable future. Learn more about Harvest’s clean energy options.


2015.04 EarthDayVisaliaLogoThis Saturday April 25 we’ll be at the City of Visalia and Tulare’s Earth Day / Arbor Day celebration.  Come say hi to Jerry and learn more about our compost products available to the Central Valley of California.

We’ll also be at the Town of Bourne’s Earth Day Celebration at the Residential Recycling Center in case anyone has questions about the proposed project on the Cape.

How and where are you celebrating Earth Day?


Date: April 15, 2015

Contact: Meredith Sorensen, 206-569-0344,


Experienced Business Leader Will Bring Growth and Increased Profitability

Mooresville, NC. – Harvest Power, a leader in organics management solutions, today announced that it has named Brian Kura as its new Senior Vice President, Consumer Products. Harvest’s Consumer Products division distributes over 40 million bags of soil, compost, mulch, natural fertilizers and other lawn and garden products through leading retail partners across the US.  Brian will be based at the division’s new Mooresville, NC headquarters.

“Brian brings the right blend of leadership presence, strategic thinking and industry knowledge needed to propel our Consumer Products division to new heights,” said Harvest Power CEO Kathleen Ligocki. She continued, “His depth of knowledge in the lawn and garden industry, and expertise in sales and marketing – including extensive experience working with mass merchants like Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Walmart and others – will serve as a pathway for Harvest’s products to even more markets across North America.”

Prior to Harvest, Brian had a 16-year tenure at the Scotts Miracle-Gro company that culminated with a highly successful period as the President of Scotts Lawn Service, a $300 million home service business providing lawn care, tree and shrub care and pest control. At Harvest, Kura will focus on providing consumers with the top quality organic soil and mulch products that they deserve.

“I’m excited to join Harvest, a company recognized for its innovation and commitment to providing sustainable solutions,” said Kura, Harvest’s new Senior Vice President, Consumer Products. He continued, “As communities increasingly clamor to enhance their local environment, the soil is a great place to start: beautiful landscapes, richer soils, safer lawns, and flourishing gardens lead to healthier, more resilient communities.”

Harvest Power creates a more sustainable future by helping communities across North America better manage and beneficially re-use their organic waste through the production of renewable energy, soils, mulches and natural fertilizers. Harvest has grown rapidly since its founding in 2008, garnering awards for its business of recycling, energy generation and soil revitalization. The company has been named to the Global Cleantech 100 for five years in a row, received Bloomberg’s 2013 New Energy Pioneer Award and was named one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World for 2014.

Welcome to Harvest Power’s New Website

landing pageWelcome to our new website at Harvest Power! We’d like to point out a few new key features:


You used to have to go into each different region to find out what products and services were offered. Now, you can quickly navigate between all locations, services and products, glorious soil and mulch products. Also, our blog is now integrated into the website which should make it easier to connect the dots between current events and our business.  For example, you might be keen to learn more about anaerobic digestion and biogas – hot topics. Or perhaps you just want to say hello!  Visit our contact page. It’s easy to get everywhere now at

responsive designRESPONSIVE DESIGN

Our website used to looked the same whether you loaded it on your desktop,  tablet or phone, leading to lots of tiny text and hard-to-navigate sections. Now, with responsive design, you will never have to zoom in on a region or article; the responsive design will scale automatically and load beautifully on your media device. So say you’re a landscaper in Connecticut and you need to quickly navigate to Farmington’s products and prices on your phone…. BOOM: Two clicks and you’re in with no pesky zooming.

dynamic product filterDYNAMIC PRODUCT & SERVICE FILTER

You used to have to go into each region to see what products and services were offered. Now, you can see ALL products and services offered, then filter according to your needs. Imagine you’re a contractor in the Mid-Atlantic states needing mulch products in bulk forms.  Voila! Just like that, the filters will point you towards Black Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Brown Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch and Wood Chips.

clean and simple navSIMPLE, CLEAN, NAVIGATION

Every location has its own page with four key tabs: the landing tab with the address, hours, a short descriptions, list of products, and what materials we accept; a services tab with a list of services; a tab about this location and local partners; and finally an FAQ. For example, here’s the landing page for our composting facility and energy garden in Richmond BC. We also noticed that a lot of users want to know more about how much soil or mulch product they need, so our Landscape Calculator is now easy to find. Or perhaps you just want to say hello!  Visit our contact page.

There’s lots to explore in our new website. What’s your favorite feature or page?


Interview with Burp Reynolds: Our Anaerobic Bacteria Mascot

Earlier this year Harvest Power sat down with Burp Reynolds, one of the anaerobic bacteria in our digester tanks in Orlando, Florida. The following is an excerpt of the transcript. Burp-Reynolds-300x225[1]

So Burp, what does a typical day look like for you?

My motto is to go with the flow. I mostly hang out at the 6th trophic level with the more “established” bacteria. We work hard – eating, drinking, farting, burping, and reproducing each and every day, 24 hours a day.

Wow, sounds like a lot of work!

Yes, it is, and we think it’s a very efficient use of our time. We’re not like those other renewable energy sources, like the photovoltaics sunning themselves and then sleeping at night. Or wind turbines that produce electricity that then gets lost in transmission lines on its way back to civilization. That’s just a silly situation. Give me my anaerobic bacteria tank and I’m convinced my team is the best in renewable energy.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. What can we do to keep you happy?

Keep the tank temperature steady, and the pH steady, and the fats, sugars and starches pumping in. If any of those conditions change we become “slack-teria”!

What’s your favorite holiday?

Halloween, for sure. We often get an extra batch of expired candy. I think I can speak for anaerobic bacteria around the world when I say we LOVE sugar even more than almost anything in the world. Valentine’s Day is also pretty good: hello candy hearts. Every day is good, though – I like to say that we’re #1 in the #1 and #2 business.

If you had a car, what would you have on the bumper sticker?

That’s easy: “Support Bacteria: It’s the Only Culture Some People Will Ever Have”

Anything else you want the rest of the world to know?

Tell our buddies in Ontario and British Columbia hello! And keep sending us your organic waste – we’ll use it to create power, and power plants!

Learn more at


nationswell-150x61[1]NationSwell, “Inside the Business of Turning Your Leftovers into 33 Million Bags of Mulch,” by Chris Peak

Waste, energy and agriculture. These three massive topics will affect how our ecosystem fares in the future. Harvest Power, a company founded in 2008, is providing local solutions that intersect all three. And they start by changing one unlikely place: the municipal dump.

Disney World’s biogas facility: a model for converting food waste into energy

guardianGuardian Sustainable Business, “Disney World’s biogas facility: a model for converting food waste into energy,” by Marc Gunther


The circular economy at Disney World may not be as pretty as Cinderella’s Castle, but this process for turning organic waste into energy, which is known as anaerobic digestion, could turn out to be the best way to extract value from food scraps and treated sewage that would otherwise wind up in a landfill.


“We’re able to turn all of the waste stream into productive products,” says Kathleen Ligocki, the chief executive of Harvest Power, a venture capital-funded clean-tech company that built the Florida facility. “This is our goal – pumpkins to power, waste to wealth.”

Metro Vancouver hopes to boost compost rates with new ad campaign


business-in-vancouver[1]Business in Vancouver, “Metro Vancouver hopes to boost compost rates with new ad campaign.”


food scraps isnt garbage

Metro Vancouver is hoping an adorable mascot made out of pasta leftovers will convince residents that “food isn’t garbage.”

Banning organic material from the landfill will reduce methane gas, a contributor to global warming, according to Metro Vancouver. Businesses like Harvest Power and Delta-based EnviroSmart Organics turn food waste into valuable compost and, in Harvest Power’s case, energy.