Slotting in a Side-Yard Garden of Bounty and Beauty

Continuing to share garden inspiration, it’s nice to know that you don’t need a lot of space to create a welcoming, bountiful, beautiful spot.  The garden featured today was tucked into a side yard of an apartment building measuring approximately 20′ x 30′.

A raised bed draws your eye in and holds most of the edibles in this landscape.

A raised bed hosts most of the edibles, with tomatoes, lettuce, and basil. The cucumbers are trained to go up small trellis pitched at an angle towards the fence line to maximize space.

It's okay to mix and match different styles and sizes of raised beds and potted plants.

A lot of the rest of plot has potted plants ranging in sizes from barrels to buckets. A bush variety of raspberry in a container provides light snacking in the middle of the space. The raspberries are complimented by a bright flower.

A cute flower provides an accent on the side.

A perched outdoor fire pit creates a nice spot for communing in the evening, and roasting the occasional marshmallow.

A raised fire pit provides a place to gather in the evening.


Landscape Inspiration: Mixing Gardens, Raised Beds, and Whimsical Features

In this post we add a new dose of landscaping inspiration presenting a backyard garden that mixes a berry patch, gardens, raised beds and whimsy. What we really liked about this backyard garden is the mixing and blending of function, fashion, chaos, order, whimsy, and practical. Here is a virtual tour.

On the south side of the garden, in the late spring/early summer, the raspberries produce a bumper crop of berries, perfect for a morning bowl of granola or evening fruity dessert.


The heart of the garden features an abundance of greenery with plants every which way that create a wild feel. Bursts of flowers provide colorful accents amidst the tomatoes, peppers, kale, lettuce, squash, and other veggie plants. Yet just when it feels too wild, a clear pathway of bricks and stepping stones allow access and create a sense of order.wild garden with veggies and flowers

pathways through veggies and flowers

In addition, throughout the garden, veggies planted directly in the ground grow alongside potted plants and container plants, such as this chard next to a barrel of cosmos and dahlias.

mixing raised beds veggies with potted plants

On the outskirts of the foliage where the garden transitions to a bit of lawn lies a sweet retired wagon that serves as a mini raised garden bed. The 3-inch layer of quality potting mix, plus a blend of flowers and herbs, creates the perfect accent to a small space.wagon with potted plants


This garden also integrates a bit of whimsy, illustrated here with a ceramic chicken nestled in the greens. (A nice juxtaposition to the real chickens hanging out in their coop in the corner.)

ceramic chicken

Curious: Which of these garden features appeal to you?